Freelance copywriting services:

How to hire an Article and Blog Post Writer?

How to hire a Slogan Writer?

How do I hire a writer for Product Descriptions?

How to hire a writer for Brochure and Sales Copy?

How to hire a Search Engine Optimization Writer?

How do I Hire a Content Writer?

Freelance copywriters are everywhere, and to find the best copywriters for hire, it is essential to understand why you need to hire a copywriter and what they will do for your business.

Professional copywriters for hire take on a wide range of tasks relating to wordsmithing, from writing short and punchy slogans to website landing pages with written content that turns clicks into customers, to long-form blog posts like this, which help your business build organic search engine traffic.

Where do I start when hiring a freelance copywriter?

I have been a copywriter for over twenty years now. I started my freelance copywriting services way back when I was in my third year of college at Sheridan in Canada and had to start turning my advertising education into a sustainable and profitable business.

My copywriting services started with sales copy to sell my freelance services for everything from Logo Designs to Illustrations, Websites, and Content marketing services.

Freelance copywriting services:

These are most of the primary services a freelance copywriter will complete for your business. When you hire professional copywriters, reviewing their portfolios and testimonials is essential to ensure they are the real deal and can assist you in achieving your brand's goals.

Hiring copywriters who understand your brand's audience and can do the research required to become an expert before producing writing is crucial. The success of your projects depends on the quality of the writer.

Ensure your freelancer has the skills you require from a content writer by reviewing the articles they have produced and whether they have knowledge specific to the industry they can leverage to help you create fantastic content.

When posting jobs on LinkedIn, Upwork, or Fiverr for copywriting services, you must mention what type of copywriting you require. I would start by referencing the above list, and if you are unsure, it is a great idea to understand your goal, then hire freelance copywriters who can help you achieve that goal.

For example, leading a copywriting project with a goal, perhaps you are looking to increase conversions on your Shopify eCommerce website, then you are most likely looking for a landing page copywriter or a copywriter to write your product descriptions. Either way, you need to understand your goal to direct your copywriter. 

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Let's discuss the different types of Copywriters for hire and what they do:

How to hire an Article and Blog Post Writer?

Article writing and blog post writing are specific talents that require quality content and research to be effective. Your copywriter should also know extensively about traffic analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMRush.

A copywriter who can understand and analyze the results of their copywriting and make sure it's moving the needle for your business is critical to your success. Typically Article and Blog post writing aim to get viewers to go to your website and read it, then follow the path the copywriter has designed.

This allows the reader to follow a natural path to get the necessary answers. Whether the post is Informational, Transactional, or Navigational, it is crucial the copywriter for this task is well versed in all areas of research, writing, and analyzing their content.

How long should an Article or Blog Post be? About 1,000-4,000 words.

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How to hire a Slogan Writer?

Slogan writing is its own specific discipline where the copywriter aims to craft a catchy slogan, tagline, headline, or whatever you would like to call it to give your brand a memorable catchphrase that stays with them and jogs the memory when it is time to make a purchase.

Slogans can be very engaging pieces of content marketing and require a variety of skills to make an emotional attachment to the reader. Making the slogan easy to read, using plays on words, and rhymes, and generally being clever increases the chances that your slogan will succeed in making your brand memorable.

My "Something New is Brewing" slogan for Nestlé's Nescafé brand helped launch all new packaging and ushered in the Nespresso brand, which is now a multi-billion dollar brand.

How long should a Slogan be? Less than 10 words.

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How do I hire a writer for Product Descriptions?

There are many considerations when you hire a copywriter to write your product descriptions. You want to ensure that the freelance copywriters you are hiring understand digital marketing and marketing strategy to ensure that your product descriptions generate enough organic traffic.

When your freelance copywriter is writing your website content, ensure that they understand the keywords you are aiming for and, if you don't know, that the copywriter has the foresight to do their research and has the analytical tools at their disposal to make effective choices in what to write to make effective use of your marketing strategy.

How long should Product Descriptions be? Over 1,000 words.

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How to hire a writer for Brochure and Sales Copy?

Freelance copywriters who focus on Brochure Writing for your product or service are often well versed in sales terminology and thoroughly understand Upper, Middle, and Lower Funnel marketing copy.

Upper Funnel marketing copy is the introduction to your product and service, aimed at customers who are just coming across your product or service.

Middle Funnel marketing copy highlights the benefits to the customer and gives the customer options to solve their problem with your product or service.

Lower Funnel marketing copy is when you give specific timelines, pricing, and a call to action, asking the customer to take the following steps and make a decision.

Compelling copywriting with this format increases sales and becomes essential to your marketing strategy. Top copywriters will know this style of writing, but if you are hiring on price and going for an entry-level writer, it would be a good idea that they understand this style of writing.

How long should Brochure and Sales Copy be? Around 500-1,000 words.

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How to hire a Search Engine Optimization Writer?

Writing for Search Engines, also known as SEO writing, combines creativity, strategy, and analysis. When you hire a copywriter for SEO article writing, it is vital that they understand the overall marketing plan and can adjust their content creation to suit the project goals.

Often with SEO writing, the point is to adjust the website content to begin to organically rank in search engines and increase the number of keywords the website ranks for.

The steps I have found to be most effective when writing for Search Engines is the following:

  1. Ranking Content (Write keyword heavy 500 - 1,000 words)

  2. Title (70 Characters + includes ranking keywords)

  3. Meta Description (320 Characters + includes ranking keywords)

  4. URL (74 Characters + includes ranking keywords)

  5. H1 (H1 includes keywords)

  6. H2 (H2 includes keywords)

  7. Paragraph (First sentence includes keywords)

  8. Internal Links (Add links into content to related site pages)

  9. Images (Images every 3-4 paragraphs + ALT text)

  10. Publish (Review above and make it live)

  11. Index on Search Console (Index URL on Google Search Console)

  12. Wait for Ranking (It’s not good copy if no one reads it)

  13. 1st Draft Content (1 week later > 2,000 Words + repeat above)

  14. 2nd Draft Content (1 month later > 3,000 Words + repeat above)

  15. 3rd Polished Content (3 months later > 4,000 Words + repeat above)

  16. Update Yearly (Keep content up to date + zeitgeist)

Structuring the content writing using this step-by-step plan will ensure that your business's website content will begin ranking as long as the copywriting is of high quality, and you make sure to link to other internal landing pages to increase the relevancy of your SEO copywriting.

How long should Search Engine Optimization writing be? View the above list for specific word counts.

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How do I Hire a Content Writer?

Content marketing requires the use of copywriters that focus their skills on generating content for various mediums, from digital to print. Content includes long-form press releases, website content, landing pages and white papers.

Content copywriters for hire are seen as generalists who do the bulk of the heavy lifting by setting the initial content for your business and can jump from Headline writing, to Body copywriting, to Social media posts, and through all of your marketing touch points.

When hiring a freelance writer for your content writing needs it's important to see a wide range of writing styles and applications in their portfolio.

How long should Search Engine Optimization writing be? Short form content writing is typically known as less than 500 words, medium form is less than 1000 words, and long form content writing is greater than 1000 words.

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How do I hire a Freelance Copywriter in 2022?

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