Freelance Coaching

Daily Freelance Business Leads & Coaching

Want fresh freelance business leads at your fingertips daily? This list is for you, updated daily, and includes coaching to help you build a successful freelance business.

Freelance Coaching

Daily Freelance Business Leads & Coaching

Want fresh freelance business leads at your fingertips daily? This list is for you, updated daily, and includes coaching to help you build a successful freelance business.


Hear what my students are saying.

Samuel Larsen

Scott is a very sharp guy who can articulate his thoughts clearly and coach at a level that was useful for me. I've already learned a ton from him & continue to learn as he has the ability to challenge his mentees in a manner that is both easy to understand & accept.

Vlora Berisha

Scott is an amazing creative lead, at today's meeting- Freelance Success Fridays #6 he shared lots of informations about how to generate effective tools on gaining visibility, more long term clients, and even presenting our work.

Husaini Najib

Scott is such a creative freelancer as he always comes out with interesting ideas on how to become an outstanding freelancer. I'm really happy that I got the opportunity to learn from one of the successful freelancers. He does not even hesitate to share all of his knowledge and tips in freelancing as well as skills enhancement.

Raymund Okojudo

Scott has been an inspiration, he's a great teacher and I have learned so much from him. He's a freelancing genius and has mastered the act of skill selling. If you're just starting as a freelancer and need a mentor, I would highly recommend Scott.

Chris Alexis

I just finished my first freelance coaching session with Scott, and it was so worth it! He is a very kind, warm person who succinctly explains the ins and outs of how to succeed in freelance.I would absolutely recommend him to anyone; please reach out to me with any questions. I'm definitely a fan!

Product Description

Unlimited access to 100s of leads for clients ready to hire, updated daily. Limited to 50 total members.

This freelance business leads list generates $5,000/month for my freelancing business. Now, it can be yours to use!

Twenty years of freelance work as a graphic designer, illustrator, website developer, copywriter, and marketer has taught me every lesson needed to be a 6-7 figure freelancer. Starting 20 years ago from a job board in Sheridan College, I have come a long way in lead sourcing and lead generation for my freelance business.

Running a freelance business comes with many challenges, including delivering work for existing clients, setting and managing goals, and, lastly, running a dependable lead generation process. With access to my list of high-quality qualified freelance leads, the last part becomes exponentially smoother.

Are you ready to level up your freelance business?

Most freelancers, including me, find it extremely challenging to find leads early in their careers. Even with steady sources of payments, there's always a struggle to find potential clients who require your skillset and also match your earning expectations. No need to spend hours sourcing and generating leads only to have them fall through. This is how to get your foot into the door with a guarantee!

This Freelance Business Leads and Coaching access is perfect for freelancers in all fields.

  • Copywriting freelancers

  • Graphic Designer freelancers

  • Website Development freelancers

  • Digital Marketing freelancers

  • Virtual Assistant freelancers

  • Coaching freelancers

  • Professional Development freelancers

  • Financial freelancers

Growing my Digital Marketing and Design business to a 6 figure business through platforms like Upwork, LinkedIn, and Fiverr, I have been generating leads for my business over the last 20 years. As a freelance lead generation specialist, I have grown my business to where it is today.

Finding qualified leads for your business is hard. Most leads you find are either outdated or irrelevant. This is time intensive and, not to mention, very frustrating.

This freelance business lead generation subscription ensures you get relevant leads from business owners and individuals looking to hire NOW. Say goodbye to the long hours in market research and unclear business development practices that you're not even sure would work for you.

This one single subscription makes seeking new clients effortless. No need for a Linkedin sales navigator plan or dedicated customer relationship management when a qualified list holds the key to your earnings!

The list provides you with your prospect's name, their direct contact info, the service they are looking for, and any additional requirements. Better yet, it's updated daily with new clients, all willing to hire freelancers for their projects.

Is this useful for agencies?

If you run an agency, you can also access this list to find qualified leads. No need to spend excessive time and money on marketing strategies to generate client leads, on which the conversion rate is abysmal. The days of cold outreach are over. Approach new clients with confidence and information about their needs.

You don't ask for their consideration anymore. You discuss terms, and just like that, your sales funnel just became shorter.

We also don't cap the outreach or information available to you. You can book ten clients, twenty clients, or two hundred paying clients. You only need access to Creatibly's Business Leads and a solid sales process.

Why Creatibly's list?

I am no freelance lead generation expert, but I specialize in it. Each entry on this list of leads is added from vetted sources through intensive web research and companies with a demonstrated history of actively working with freelancers.

Unlike many freelance lead generation experts, I do not charge you per lead shared or converted. It's a flat fee subscription to access the dream job board and take your freelance career to the next level.

The simplicity of this list is unparalleled, which will ease your load of finding new leads and directly contacting your potential clients with contact details and brief project background. This helps you prepare and puts you into an ironclad negotiating position.

This is an aggregator compared to other lead generation services that go and seek leads. Take your pick and book a meeting. Oh, and while you're at it, toss cold calling out the door!

What does my subscription include?

At the starting price of just $49/Month, your subscription includes:

  • Daily leads to clients ready to hire freelancers

  • Daily coaching via WhatsApp to build your freelance brand

  • Access to all past leads

  • Daily tips to help you achieve your freelancing goals

  • Freelancer Profile Review

  • Goal setting

  • Specific answers to your freelance questions

What is the guarantee?

I guarantee you will get a freelance project. This happens nowhere else, whether you're an experienced freelancer or a fresh beginner.

Simply follow my coaching instructions, and when you purchase The Guarantee, I will stick with you one-on-one until you earn an income.

What are you waiting for?


Who can use this service?

Anyone working as a freelancer or early-stage agency can use this list. The list is useful to service providers in multiple fields and can be used by anyone who wants to acquire more clients by having access to new leads daily. This highly detailed job board with direct contact information lets you reach your ideal clients with direct phone calls or sit front and center in their email folders.

Why Should I purchase this Subscription?

The leads shared here have been compiled in the same manner as I do for my business development, and this has yielded upwards of $5000 in business on a month-on-month basis. The plans are very affordable, and the successful execution of these leads will far outweigh your initial investment. With a detailed list like this, you already know your prospect and their pain points, which means you can have the perfect sales call. They need to outsource. All you need to do is tell them how you can help them.

What is the Guarantee?

I guarantee you that you will get a freelance project. Unlike most things in life, this subscription can be had with a guarantee where I work with you to help find, communicate with, and book your first client using the leads provided. When you continue your subscription, you get one-to-one attention toward booking your first client and constant WhatsApp coaching for your brand.

What you will receive:

1 Month Access

Ready to try but not commit?