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Graphic Design & Branding

Sell Sheet Design

Your Sell Sheet Design is a one-page document that concisely details how your product and service solves your customers' problems. 

Graphic Design & Branding

Sell Sheet Design

Your Sell Sheet Design is a one-page document that concisely details how your product and service solves your customers' problems. 


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Scott always goes the extra mile to make sure that all briefs are done quickly and to the highest quality - we love working with him! We gave Scott a very difficult task, and he came back to us with some great suggestions. His availability and communication were great.

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Scott was a pleasure to work with - high quality of work, prompt response, and frequent communication. He is open to feedback, and I am more than thrilled with the final product. I highly recommend Scott as a graphic designer!

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Scott's work is fantastic - lots of freelancers have a nice portfolio of their work but when it actually comes to delivery, fall far from expectations. Not Scott - if you like his portfolio, then you'll be pleasantly surprised by the caliber of his work and concepts.

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We have been working with Scott for over two years now and he never disappoints. Very creative and really gets it, and us. Too many projects to mention have been hit completely out of the park by Scott. Always great turnaround!

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Scott does excellent work and follows feedback well. We have worked with him on multiple projects and are always happy with what he delivers.

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Scott works efficiently and offers awesome recommendations outside of our existing scope of work, excited to continue working together!

Customized Sell Sheet Design with your logo, information, products and services.

Creatibly creates sell sheet designs for your business that help you create a lasting impression with your prospects and customers.

Whether it's product sell sheets or one for services, we present your product and its features in a comprehensive and structured manner.

All Sell Sheets are custom designed specifically for your brand. As part of your brand's design system, sell sheets are designed with a combination of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. This single page is an excellent opportunity to relay information about your brand and stand out amongst the crowd. Often compared to an elevator pitch, this is your chance to strengthen your marketing efforts by making a solid impression.

Use your sales sheet design to give your customer case studies they can relate to and access to proof that your product or service is the right fit for them by using social proof from your social media channels. Small businesses and large can help convert the decision maker into a customer with a value proposition that can't be ebat!

By giving your prospects a great impression and include next steps in the process your will ensure that you have covered all of the design elements on your sales sheet to ensure that your sales convert your target audience.

Creatibly Sell Sheet Design

Elements of a Sell Sheet

A sell sheet often referred to as a "one-pager," can be designed in a multitude of ways. Still, all professional designs will contain three fundamental elements: high-quality imagery, persuasive copy, and a simple call to action. Combined with a strong layout, this will highlight your product or service and evoke genuine interest.

Your sell sheet should include high-quality imagery

With attention being a premium in today's world, it's no surprise that people only read about 20% of the text. Your product photo will be your first chance to make an impression on prospective clients. Having high-quality product images edited to highlight specific features is a fundamental element of any sell sheet. Your company logo should also be in a high-resolution print-ready format like EPS or SVG.

Use your own photos and avoid using stock images or graphics since they are not authentic or appealing to customers. It is in your best interest to hire a photographer to click multiple images at once.

Your sell sheet should include persuasive copy writing

The copy is another central element of your sell sheet with the images set. Persuasive copy is the best way to let your prospects know you are the best fit for them. Think about the industries served by your product or service and see what words and terms they are familiar with. This is where you highlight product features and convince your prospects why you have the best solution to their specific problems.

You sales team will have an unfair advantage over your competition with beautiful product sell sheets that include everything from your logo, contact information, and product and service information assembled in an appealing package, perfect for your sales team.

Incorporate a writing structure into your copy as it would be a key element in its ability to persuade the reader. Ideally, this should contain a headline, a detailed product description, usage directions, and highlight features. Consult with your marketing team about performance facts and any incredible results achieved in the past. You can also include any special offers or discounts. The objective is to convince your prospect to make a purchase or learn more by contacting you. Creatibly can help you discover the best way to highlight the features and benefits of your product or service.

Your sell sheet should include a call-to-action that stands out

A sell sheet is marketing collateral, and the objective of a sell sheet is to sell, so a simple and clever CTA or call to action is the most vital element of a sell sheet. This is where you ask them to get in touch with you.

This can be done with a subtle nudge like "learn more at" followed by your website or being obvious like "call now" followed by a phone number. Provide relevant contact information like a phone number, an email, a website, and even social channels. Consider integrating a QR code in your sell sheet to redirect customers to your website!

I don't use a sell sheet template for your product sell sheet or service sell sheet, I simply use best practices and make each design unique, and easy to read, with the ultimate goals of more conversions.

What other pieces make a great sell sheet?

Loads goes into making a great sell sheet that helps your sales team gain new customers, here are a few tips to ensure that your design makes sense to the end user:

  1. Brand Identity - Your company's Logo, Colors, Typefaces, and overall style
  2. Bullet Points - Easily scannable information for busy customers
  3. Eye Catching - Powerful and bold design ensures the end user takes a closer look
  4. Customer Testimonials - Social proof works amazing to ensure customer trust
  5. Graphic Elements - By adding renderings, images, and icons makes the prospective client understand your business at a glance
  6. Brief description - Short paragraphs ensure that your sell sheet respects the end user's time
  7. Visually Appealing - Let the prospective customers understand the offer in a clear way
  8. Product Specifications - Add in the key features and align benefits to the prospective customer
  9. Unique Selling Points - Highlight why your key features make your product or service stand out
  10. Key Information - Ensure that your design include critical information such as contact information

Your sell sheet should include a strong layout which informs the reader

A strong layout is vital for a sell sheet. An element of user experience, with a strong layout, the customer or prospect should be able to navigate through the sheet effortlessly without any support. This should guide them through; What's your brand? Are you a product or service? What problem are you solving for them? What is the price? How to learn more? How to purchase?

One-Sided Sell Sheet Includes

  • One-side Design

  • CMYK PDF format for print use

  • RGB PDF format for email, web, and online use

  • Working files provided upon completion

  • Five output formats of your choice (JPG, EPS, INDD, PNG, etc.)

  • The standard size of 8.5x11" or other similar sizes as directed

  • One design

  • One round of revisions

Two-Sided Sell Sheet

  • Same as above but with a second page/reverse side

Sell Sheet Revision Round

  • Update or revise the information on your sell sheet

  • 1 complete round of revisions

  • Please inquire if unsure

What do you need to provide?

  • High-resolution logo

  • High-resolution images

  • Written copy

  • UPC Codes and Nutritional Facts Tables (if required)

  • Contact information

  • Any other information you would like added

What is the process of designing a sell sheet?

  1. Upload your Text, Images, and Product Information to your Project Folder

  2. Receive your First Draft of your Sell Sheet

  3. Send Revisions to your Sell Sheet

  4. Approval of Revisions

  5. Receive Print and Digital Files in your Project Folder

Frequently Asked Questions about Sell Sheet Designs

What size is a sell sheet?

Sell sheets are available in various sizes, with the US Letter (8.5" x 11") being the most popular. They can be as small as 4" x 6" and as large as Tabloid Size (11" x 17"). You can also have a custom size sell sheet, but they may be expensive to print. Remember that your sell sheet is a piece of marketing collateral, and you may have to mail it in standard-size envelopes.

Why are sell sheets important?

Sell sheets are a fantastic way to create a lasting impression. An essential inclusion of your marketing collateral sell sheets is designed to promote the best of your business or product in a concise one or two-page form. An effectively designed sell sheet creates a solid first impression in front of your prospects.

What is a sell sheet also called?

A sell sheet is also called sales slick, a product sheet, or a one-pager.

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