What to expect when we work together.

I ensure that you will understand the process to complete your project. This gives you the confidence that your project will proceed predictably.


Schedule your consultation.

Your initial consultation is free of charge, with no commitment necessary, and just one of the ways that your project with me is risk-free.

My commitment to successful client projects is reflected in the length and breadth of my experience. Over the past two decades in the freelance and agency industries, I have delivered thousands of projects.

Preparing for our initial consultation is easy; it's unnecessary to understand every piece of your project or what you want. Our goal is to get as close as possible to the initial project brief so that I can understand your expectations.


• What is your main goal?

• What defines a completed project?

• How involved do you want to be?



We complete your project brief.

I will set up your Google Sheet and send you an invite to edit it. Based on the initial consultation, we will list all of the specifics related to your project. If the project has more than one component, we use the Sheet to record all elements of your project.


• Project Name

• Project Description

• Medium (Print, Digital, etc.)

• Dimensions
• Content you will provide
• Content you will require


I give you a quote, and you make payment.

Many projects I work on are bespoke, created specifically for your brand based on your project brief. Once you have completed your project brief, I will send you an itemized list of the costs for each portion of your project. I recommend the order you should complete your tasks if there is more than one item.

Once we have agreed on the project's process through each item, you can pay either a flat rate (great for tight budgets) or hourly (great for refining the project on an ongoing basis). Flat-rate projects require a 50% deposit on projects greater than $3,000. Projects that exceed $10,000 can be split into four equal payments.

Hourly-rate projects are invoiced weekly with payment due upon receipt. If this is the first project, payment is due for the first week of work on a retainer basis. After the first week, payment is due on Fridays of each week.


• All major credit cards

• PayPal or Bank Transfer

• Cryptocurrency (ETH or BTC)


I manage your digital assets.

I've made accessing and transferring your files secure and straightforward. If this is your first project, I will make you a Project Folder that will indefinitely remain on my server, which you can download from at any time. You are always able to access your files 24/7 from any computer. You will receive access to your Project Folder via e-mail once you confirm which e-mail you would like to use. Your complete project files, including all production and working files, are uploaded upon finishing each project.


• Working files

• Production files

• Supporting files


I manage your projects.

With my decades of experience in advertising agencies, you receive top-tier project management for your projects. Everyone loves it when their project goals smoothly, and with a 100% Job Success Score and a 5-Star rating, I make sure that you are always up to date on what's happening with your project.

You don't need to be a project management pro or even select the type of software you want to use to manage your projects. Included in every project is complete start to finish project management; let me know if you want me to take care of it or if you want to.


• Slack

• Monday

• Trello

• Jira


I complete your projects.

My twenty years of experience have taught me many things. One core belief is that my clients' projects will continue successfully over the coming years when they are successful. I never look at a client thinking only about one project; I think well into the future with hopes of making you successful in your business.

I do my best to complete every project with the greatest attention to detail and finish quality. Although quality is important, I also believe in speed to market and budget-friendly projects that keep you profitable for the next version of your business as it evolves.

All flat-rate projects come with one concept and one round of revisions. Hourly-rate projects offer more flexibility in terms of revisions, allowing you to evolve your project and to make course corrections as you go. I believe that no project should ever be complete and that each project is a step forward. I help you set the correct direction, complete the project, move forward, and repeat until you have reached the desired level of success.


You provide feedback, and I complete the revisions.

Providing feedback is the next step towards getting the project finish quality you want. Be as specific as possible in your feedback and detail the changes within the project management system to reduce the amount of re-work.

Please remember that flat-rate projects include the initial design and one round of revisions, so ensuring your feedback is clear and concise is of utmost importance. On hourly-rate projects, we are free to tweak until your heart's content!


• Clarity in what you want

• Specific instructions


You approve the changes, and I send you the final files.

Once the final round of revisions is complete, you are to review all digital or print files and sign off (approve) revisions and final files. Once the approved files are delivered, the project is considered complete, and any further changes will become a new project.

Upon your approval of print files, you will have access to all print files. There are two options at this point. You can print your files, communicate with your printer, or I can also print your files. One important consideration is your knowledge of printing and production.


Understanding the available options is incredibly important as a selection as simple as paper type, and finish can dramatically change the look and feel of your design.


• Review your files in detail

• Submit final adjustments if necessary

• Approve final files

• Receive final files


Let's get started!