Graphic Design

Pitch Deck Design

An excellent presentation makes the difference between getting the contract or investment and starting your search all over again. 

Graphic Design

Pitch Deck Design

An excellent presentation makes the difference between getting the contract or investment and starting your search all over again. 

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Why do you need a pitch deck?

In 2020, presentations by Creatibly resulted in over $15 million in investments.

Designing a business winning pitch deck is essential whether you are presenting a business pitch, sales presentation, or to a venture capital firm to raise money. Potential investors are short on time, and your slide decks need to be clear, concise and written with the customers' problems at the forefront.

Over the past twenty years, I have designed a wide range of business presentations for every industry, whether it was consumer packaged goods such asNestlé's Nescafé product launch which ushered in the multi-billion dollar Nespresso brand. Or The Ticket Fairy's professional pitch deck and investor pitch deck design which brought in millions of dollars in funding for an event business right in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

What makes a great presentation?

Your slide deck also referred to as a sales presentation, or pitch deck, much include key metrics and technical information, but should also get to the heart of why the customer needs your products or services.

Key information is only one way of achieving this. Before I begin your pitch deck design, we have a discussion to figure out who your audience is, what features they are looking for, and how your product or service will benefit them, and more importantly, solve their problem.

Successful pitch decks always begin with the customers' problem, and not the main feature of your product, because if you are out there selling, the fact is you most likely have competition. Our goal with your presentation design is to stand out from the crowd.

This is especially important for startups, where you may be up against an established brand and looking to disrupt that existing market. Everyone is looking for the latest version, and covering your key points in your pitch presentation makes sure the client understands your business.

Are you selling, or are you looking for investment?

Pitch deck design and the written content within, will vary depending on your goal. Explaining your business in just the right way will make sure that your ideas are clearly understood, especially when related to how they solve the customers' problems.

If you are to raise funding for your venture from venture capital firms key slides will include everything from technical information, team structure, business plan, growth expectations, and competitive analysis.

What makes your products, services, or new technology better than the rest, and why should the reader care? These are all questions we answer in the initial consultation.

Entrepreneurs often have too narrow of a focus on their business, and it is my job to help relate the technical information to the end user's needs while creating urgency. Your idea is an amazing one, and I want to make sure that your company gets its story across with a balance of information about your story, background, business model, team, key metrics, and technical information.

Why should you hire Creatibly and Scott Luscombe for your pitch deck design?

Some customers look at my pricing and think that they are high, "$6,000 for a pitch deck design?" But when viewed over the course of one year, my own pitch deck design which can be viewed below has a 5700% return on investment.

Simply put, my pitch deck design for you will convert, and it will be one of the best pitch deck examples your customers will see. I often get referred pitch deck design business because of a pitch deck a customer saw that I designed.

For your next pitch deck design project, I will make sure it is created without the use of templates, completely original, and your own to separate your company and make your products and services stand out in the market.

The value of my pitch deck design will come when you start pitching your company. You will easily convert new business with your presentation. Pitch deck design is an integral part of your business pitch.


Pitch Deck Investor Presentation Design Service by Scott Luscombe and Creatibly for The Ticket Fairy Keynote PDF Powerpoint Presentation Design Google Slides

What pitch deck format should you use?

I offer a wide range of formats to choose from when it comes to your pitch deck design. You can select from the list below the formats in which I create your pitch deck designs:

  • PDF (Working file is in Adobe InDesign)
  • Keynote
  • Powerpoint
  • Google Slides

But what if you don't know what to choose?

I want to make sure that you are comfortable with your pitch deck, it needs to remain completely reliable whenever and wherever you are presenting your company.

Personally, I prefer using a PDF, like my own pitch deck. Also keeping a version of my pitch deck on Google Drive for easy access. This has an added benefit, if you set the permissions on Google Drive to restricted, anyone who wants to view it has to enter their email address which gives you one more point of contact to follow up with.

Keynote is a free piece of Apple software, and can also be exported to PDF. Keynote is great if you want to make adjustments without purchasing added software, however, the compression abilities of Keynote are limited, and PDFs are often difficult to email as they can be much larger than those made in Adobe InDesign

Powerpoint is a well-known piece of Microsoft software, and customers often complain about how clumsy it is to use, and I agree. It's not the best, but it is also a well-known standard in enterprise businesses. Beyond the usability aspect of Powerpoint, it requires the end viewer to have the Powerpoint software.

Google Slides is also a great option, widely adopted, and easy to simply share the link and go.

Digital Formats Available

  • PDF made in Adobe InDesign
  • Keynote 
  • Powerpoint
  • Google Slides

    What Is Included

    • Design and Layout of each Page
    • Grammar and Spell Checking
    • Icons, Illustrations, or Photos on each Page
    • Working and Output files for sending to prospects

    What You Provide

    • Overall Goal of Presentation
    • Initial Copywriting and Structure of Presentation
    • Icons, Illustrations, or Photos on each Page


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