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Product Description Writing Service

High converting and effective product description writing includes quick-to-read features and benefits, keywords for search engine optimization, and most of all, removes doubt from the purchase process.

Graphic Design, Website Development, Sales, and Marketing Services

Product Description Writing Service

High converting and effective product description writing includes quick-to-read features and benefits, keywords for search engine optimization, and most of all, removes doubt from the purchase process.

Product Description Writing that attracts your target audience and converts browsers into buyers.

Why do I hire a product description writer?

High-quality product descriptions are crucial to the success of any eCommerce business, on the surface, they are small paragraphs detailing the features of your product, but they can be so much more.

Good product descriptions are informational, contain accurate technical details, help your site get more discoverability, and lastly, convince the customer to buy. The information educates the customer, a keyword-rich description helps search engines find your products which are then combined with powerful calls to action, that ensure the sale.

Product description writers are primarily copywriters who write keyword-rich and compelling product descriptions. When such quality is actively pursued across multiple product pages, your website starts to rank in search engine results, leading to more organic visibility. They combine the technical aspects of organic SEO and dependable copywriting tricks to ensure that you get more traffic on your site and then convert browsers into buyers.

Highly skilled writers can write content that matches and propagates your brand's tone of voice within the product descriptions while maintaining all the technical aspects. They skip the jargon, keep sentences short, and target customer issues. They increase relatability, speak to the customers' concerns and make them confident that your product can alleviate their problems.

How do I hire a writer for Product Descriptions?

There are many considerations when you hire a copywriter to write product descriptions for your business. You want to ensure that the freelance copywriters you are hiring understand digital marketing and marketing strategy to ensure that your product descriptions generate enough organic traffic.

When your freelance copywriter is writing your website content, ensure that they understand the keywords you are aiming for and, if you don't know, that the copywriter has the foresight to do their research and has the analytical tools at their disposal to make effective choices in what to write to make effective use of your marketing strategy. 

Your writer of choice should have a portfolio of product description examples where they have written keyword-rich, relatable copy. The algorithm is important, but the copywriting should have a human touch. After all, customers buy products that they think can benefit from. The writing style is equally important.

Why hire Creatibly to write product descriptions?

Creatibly's Scott Luscombe, educated at the University of Toronto in Marketing and Communications, is a top-rated copywriter and will write your product descriptions with your goals in mind. Top-tier copywriting will make your product and service stand out in the crowd. You are assured to increase conversions and build trust with your customers.

Creatibly has created and currently manages 100s of eCommerce stores with one store, in particular, having over 26,000 products. With Creatibly at the helm of your product description writing, you are one step closer to building a successful online business. Working with Creatibly ensures higher conversion rates while reducing advertising costs for your own eCommerce business. Working with Creative Director Scott Luscombe also ensures that you enhance your brand voice within your product descriptions and consequently build trust with your prospects.

Increase conversion rates

Writing product descriptions that sell

As we saw, your product description should help your product sell. It's not just a product, it's the answer to your customer's problems or at least aims to make their life better. A great product description example includes small paragraphs, devoid of any buzzwords. It focuses on what the product can do for the prospect. With customer focus at the forefront of product description writing, you are bound to convert your prospects.

Product features include relevant information

When customers feel intelligent on a site, they are more likely to buy. Humans like predictability, and they buy what they understand. If they feel that they understand what you're selling, they are more likely to buy it. Chances are you are not selling something entirely new, so why should prospects buy your product over your competitor's? This is where the features of a product educate the customer on the advantages.

Product benefits and Product details

The educated customer now knows what they want. This is where you convince them why your product is superior. If you are competing on price, quality, or something else altogether. The benefits need to be clear for them to hit "Add to Cart" and Checkout. The description needs to have all the technical details complete as well like dimensions, weight, etc. These attributes can be selected based on what the final use case is. If you are selling a desk, the dimensions are important and if you are selling a lightweight suitcase, the weight is important.

A product description FAQ

Your eCommerce site can not do without an FAQ section for your products. An FAQ section makes a case to support a customer's purchase decision. Most customers when in the consideration phase, will scroll to the webpage to find more information to support their purchase decision.

With an FAQ section, you can better target recurring customer questions about quality, quantity, and intended usage. This acts as a confidence builder for your product, making customers feel at ease about their purchase decisions.

Reduce advertising budgets and boost organic visibility

Your online store requires promotion so that customers can find you, view products, and purchase them. However, advertising can quickly become an expensive ordeal and can often be temporary. So how do you ensure constant traffic, that is predictable and consistent?

Product descriptions that target relevant keywords for your product, allow prospective buyers to find you organically. You are getting qualified customers who are at the very least interested in the product you are offering.

SEO-friendly product descriptions make it easy for buyers to see you in organic search rankings, within search results. If you can claim the first few spots, you can expect consistent and qualified traffic. Simply ask yourself, who is more likely to buy your product? Someone who sees your ad based on a similar search result or someone who is actively seeking a product like yours on google? SEO-friendly product descriptions do exactly that, appearing exactly when and where your prospective customer will search for you.

Matching your pages to be in line with your customer's searches can also allow you to scale back on advertising budgets. When you can get customers for a fraction of the price, why would you spend more money acquiring customers? Organic inbound traffic also has a higher conversion rate because you capture customers with a buying intent.

Strengthen brand voice

The lesser-known aspect of product descriptions is that they are the perfect opportunity to strengthen your brand voice. It's where you can use words to stand out from the sea of competitors. Without the use of a product description template, skilled copywriters can craft a narrative true to your brand.

When customers see your brand's voice as more personable, they feel a sense of care and security. It is why people often fall back on industry leaders because this is a sense of trust and security. If your brand and the consequent product description can communicate the same sense of security and predictability, customers will eventually make a purchase.

It's very difficult to see the value of brand voice in a single description, however, compounded with the right brand assets and descriptions over multiple products there's real value here.

Enhance trustworthiness

Trust is the foundation of any online purchase. It takes a certain degree of trust-building with customers for them to add Credit Card and address details on a site. Honest and accurate descriptions with this trust building in mind enhance the customers' trust and give them another reason to buy your product.


How long should Product Descriptions be?

Product descriptions should be greater than 1,000 words to target all the SEO keywords necessary for discovery while also thoroughly informing a customer about the product.

How to make product descriptions stand out?

You have to know your audience and their demands in depth. You can then cater to their needs in a better way. Customers buy from brands that they think understand them the best and have the best chance of solving their problems or at least making their lives better. Empathetic, customer-focused product descriptions stand out the most and have the highest likelihood of making a sale.

What should an ideal product description include?

The ideal product description is a balance of SEO copywriting and persuasive copywriting. Targeting the right SEO keywords the copy must be able to convince your prospective customer to buy your product. You can accomplish this by educating and informing your customer about the relevant features and benefits of the product. Each business will have different requirements for its ideal product description.

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