Freelance Coaching

Freelance Pitch and Proposal Template

Use my freelance pitch template to help you win projects on Upwork and LinkedIn. 

Freelance Coaching

Freelance Pitch and Proposal Template

Use my freelance pitch template to help you win projects on Upwork and LinkedIn. 

The Pitch Template I use to generate over $200,000/year as an independent freelancer.

Hearing crickets when you send cold emails and pitches to prospective clients? This pitch is for you.

With over twenty years of experience, I have had the time to perfect my pitches and proposals and in this 4-page freelance proposal template, you will have the information needed to write your own freelancing proposal.

In this freelance proposal template, you will have a quick start guide to help you win cold pitches and turn potential clients into paying customers. I wrote this Upwork proposal template that can be used on any platform understanding that not everyone has the writing ability to build a pitch from scratch.

The Upwork proposal template for successful freelancers.

This Upwork freelancer proposal template for freelancers will help you touch on critical points that help catch the client's attention and help you write a great Upwork proposal sample. This proposal template offers a great marketing funnel, and messaging that gives you a winning freelancing proposal and the clients, a compelling reason to choose you as their freelancer.

Your freelance career depends on new clients and your ability to turn potential clients into paying customers. Whether you are looking for one project, or to fill your sales pipeline for a few months at a time, this proposal is for you.

Turn clicks into conversions.

I have broken down this proposal template into easy-to-understand short paragraphs that create conversions as compared to long proposals that clients skip because they are in a hurry. If you are looking to land that first gig or a large flow of new jobs this proposal is a crucial step in landing your first client, first job, or 500th project.

New freelancers, like I once was, always thought it was a good tactic to show the client that I could do the job. By adding more and more detail to my proposal I actually excluded myself at the beginning of my career by overwhelming clients with information.

Build the foundation of your freelance business.

Build the foundation of your freelance business by writing proposals with a strong call to action and personal connection to the client, showing you understand the client's perspective and the problems they face. This proposal template increases your conversions when you are a digital marketer, graphic designer, website developer, freelance copywriter, and even business services and virtual assistants.

As a freelancer myself I wrote this Upwork proposal to mention job description details, capture the client's attention and get to the point, making the sale and doing great work.

I wrote this proposal template as I strongly recommend getting to the client's perspective with this quick message in a format the client can read and understand within the first line. Other freelancers make the mistake of saying too much, not giving the client options, and often excluding pertinent information in the job description.

You don't need to be a freelance writer, to make a winning Upwork proposal.

You don't need to be a freelance writer either, just fill in the blanks of this proposal template as a great starting point to submitting proposals that make you leap ahead of other freelancers.

This proposal template gives you an advantage over competing freelancers whether you are focused on freelance digital marketing, a freelance writer, or a freelance graphic designer. This is a winning proposal template that I have used to earn over $200,000/year as an independent freelancer.

Many other Upwork proposal examples fall short because they don't apply a correct sales funnel, focusing only on what you do. This Upwork proposal template is written with the project scope in mind and stands out to potential clients. Nail the job description, give options, and lock in a meeting that will take your Upwork profile and Upwork proposals to the next level.

Increase your track record of winning projects.

If your Upwork proposal and Upwork profile aren't converting clicks into clients, this proposal template is what you need to get new clients. As a personalized greeting to your client, this proposal explains what you do, the options to select from, and how to begin working together in the fastest way possible.

Stop getting skipped by clients, and start working on projects.

Throughout my career in advertising and marketing, the holy grail was always a freelancer's ability to convert clients. You are a salesperson before you are any one of many freelance professions you can choose from.

As a salesperson first, you learn to make connections on a deeper level, demonstrating that you understand the client, what the client wants to achieve, and how to start the discussion with the client as quickly as possible.

Developed over twenty years of sending proposals.

During the thousands of proposals, I would send, or even the proposals I received that got the freelancer hired, I analyzed what was working, and what wasn't working. This freelance proposal example will leap you ahead of the competition and will become an integral part of your digital marketing efforts.

With your new proposal template, you will learn to write in a way that helps the client make the decision to hire you. Although these proposals, whether on Upwork, LinkedIn, or anywhere a cold email can be sent are the only pieces of the puzzle to making big effects on your conversion rate, these proposals are integral to your success.

Sending proposals really is a numbers game, but using my professional writing experience you can stand out to the client and make sure you are capturing the attention of the client in order to get you hired and starting on paid work.

Cover letters describing only yourself are dead, proposals are the next evolution of making sure you as a freelancer are the one that the client hires, and helps you compete with other freelancers and win.

Proposals broken down.

During my twenty years, I have been able to refine my proposal samples till I perfect the one that nails the job description, and gives clients the confidence they need to spend up to $100,000/year on contracts with me. With these proposals, I have received a ~40% conversion rate and have been able to take the time necessary to refine my proposals which I'm happy to share with you!

My proposals are all broken down into Upper, Middle, and Lower funnels in order to appeal to the clients a go from just a good proposal to a high-converting customer-focused proposal.

4 pages of upgrades for your proposals.

This digital download is perfect for your digital marketing efforts for your own brand and shows exactly what I use to convert clients by understanding my clients at a much deeper level. Adapt this template to the services you provide and make sure to mention critical points to make sure you have the best chance at being hired.

When your client reads your writing they will be confident that you are the expert who understands their problems and can offer effective solutions that work within their budget. With this proposal, you will jump ahead of competitors in a similar niche to yours and stand out as the freelancer to hire.

Upwork proposal and beyond.

I have used this proposal template to win work on Upwork, but also to increase my chances of obtaining new projects and clients on social media channels like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Social media pitching can be tough, especially when you're cold-contacting potential clients who are prone to ignore you.

By using this freelance proposal template, one Upworker I coach has increased their profile views by over 160% and has filled their pipeline with sales. There are many proposal examples out there but most focus on explaining what you do, like a cover letter to a potential employer. I wrote this proposal template with a marketing-style funnel that takes you from cover letters to converting clients into projects.

Writing ability doesn't have to dictate how successful you are when sending proposals, we're not all freelance writers, and speaking to potential clients may not feel natural to you yet. This proposal template is perfect whether you don't quite know where to start, all the way to refining your own proposals. Whether you’re writing a graphic design proposal, a development one, or any other Upwork proposal, when you're making over $150, this proposal template will fit everyone's needs.