Freelance Coaching

Coaching for Freelancers

Coaching for freelance Graphic Designers, Developers, and Copywriters. At only $65 per 1-hour session, my students earn an additional 35% on average on Upwork, LinkedIn, and Fiverr with regular coaching. 

Freelance Coaching

Coaching for Freelancers

Coaching for freelance Graphic Designers, Developers, and Copywriters. At only $65 per 1-hour session, my students earn an additional 35% on average on Upwork, LinkedIn, and Fiverr with regular coaching. 


Hear what my students are saying.

Samuel Larsen

Scott is a very sharp guy who can articulate his thoughts clearly and coach at a level that was useful for me. I've already learned a ton from him & continue to learn as he has the ability to challenge his mentees in a manner that is both easy to understand & accept.

Vlora Berisha

Scott is an amazing creative lead, at today's meeting- Freelance Success Fridays #6 he shared lots of informations about how to generate effective tools on gaining visibility, more long term clients, and even presenting our work.

Husaini Najib

Scott is such a creative freelancer as he always comes out with interesting ideas on how to become an outstanding freelancer. I'm really happy that I got the opportunity to learn from one of the successful freelancers. He does not even hesitate to share all of his knowledge and tips in freelancing as well as skills enhancement.

Raymund Okojudo

Scott has been an inspiration, he's a great teacher and I have learned so much from him. He's a freelancing genius and has mastered the act of skill selling. If you're just starting as a freelancer and need a mentor, I would highly recommend Scott.

Chris Alexis

I just finished my first freelance coaching session with Scott, and it was so worth it! He is a very kind, warm person who succinctly explains the ins and outs of how to succeed in freelance.I would absolutely recommend him to anyone; please reach out to me with any questions. I'm definitely a fan!

Product Description

1 on 1 freelance coaching explains my step-by-step business-building system in detail.

With over $400,000 earned on Upwork, I am the coach you need to build a successful career.

Your 1-Hour Session


  • 1 Hour 1 on 1 Video Conference
  • Recorded if wanted
  • You choose your goals
  • or follow recommendations
  • Analysis of current position
  • Goal setting
  • Specific answers to your freelance questions

Your Monthly Package


  • Weekly 1 Hour 1 on 1 Video Conference
  • Recorded if wanted
  • You choose your goals
  • or follow recommendations
  • Analysis of current position
  • Goal setting
  • Specific answers to your freelance questions
  • 24-hour response to daily WhatsApp question 


With over twenty years of experience, I have learned the formula to becoming a successful, professional freelance graphic designer, website developer, copywriter, and marketer. During our freelance coaching sessions, I will show you how to identify your clients, find work, negotiate and build a strong personal brand and marketing communications that will get you hired. As part of your freelance and Upwork mentoring program I give you actionable steps you can apply the same day to start making progress on your career success.

Here is a 1 Hour Coaching Session session I recently did with Paul O., from Nigeria, Africa who is currently earning $150,000/year on Upwork and wants to grow his freelance business:

Have you struggled to find freelance jobs regularly on LinkedIn, Upwork, or Fiverr?

You are not alone, many self-employed independent professionals fail to see the whole scope of how to be successful. Whether you are looking for freelance work in graphic design, website development, copywriting, or marketing, I can help you build your career and be your boss.

As one of the top five coaches on Google, I can help you design, write, and build a strategy that gets you new clients and help coach you to a flourishing freelance business. I share with you the advice and expertise I have gained through decades of business in design, writing, marketing, and management.

The next step is to book an introductory call to see if we're a perfect fit for coaching!

On average, my students earn an additional $1500/week with regular coaching sessions on platforms like LinkedIn, Upwork, and Fiverr.

As one of the top 1% of full-time freelancers, I have built a career spanning decades where full-time employment is no longer a worry. Many freelancers give up early, thinking that running a freelance business and finding the next project is too difficult.

Our focus during your freelancing business coaching is to design a program focused on your growth and set you free to choose the life that works for you. All around the world I'm coaching freelancers from South to North America, through Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

As our coaching sessions are online via video on Zoom, Google Meet, or another platform that suits you best, I will help you take advantage of the digital economy for the greatest growth. I provide the resources and expertise to help you on your journey to success as I know I had always wanted a mentor for advice. But never had access to one online.


Upwork Freelance Platform Earnings Scott Luscombe Creatibly

Hire a freelance coach to help build your freelance business.

There has never been a better time to begin a successful freelance business.

Coaching that makes you stand out in the crowd.

I am here to make sure that clients see your talent and your aptitude for growing your own business so that you can help them grow theirs. My strategy of design, build, and writer aims to get you the contract work that is highly profitable and helps both the business you are working with and you as an independent contractor. 

Writing is an incredibly important skill when building your freelance business and my coaching program both walk you through my step-by-step process but also includes a tailor-made coaching program to help you build your freelance business to the level that you want.

When we work together to build your coaching program, we aim to help you build the life that you want through the financial freedom that running a freelance business can provide when done correctly. I make sure that your investment in learning gives you the best chance at success by giving you the skills to produce the growth that I have experienced.

In this digital industry, the economy is completely different, and your freelance business thinking must change to set yourself free. I give you all of the resources I have learned as a professional freelance business owner for over two decades.

My freelance coaching program revolves around these major lessons:

  1. PERSONAS is designed to teach you how to identify your clients so you can stop “hoping” for a response and start talking with potential clients who will want to hear from you.

  2. PROFILES is designed to teach you how to write an effective Profile, whether that profile is on Upwork, LinkedIn, or any other freelance platform or social network.

  3. PITCH is designed to help you understand your freelance career, its focus, and make communicating your services to the client quick and effective.

  4. PRESENTATION is designed to help you develop your own comprehensive presentation you can send to clients for review and demonstrate that you are the expert they are looking for.

  5. PROCESS is designed to help you instill confidence in your client that you know the end-to-end system for a successful project with the aim to keep all projects within scope.

  6. PRICING is designed to help you build your pricing structure so that your clients aren’t excluded based on price alone. I will also teach you how to price your services, and increase your pricing over time so that you are in the upper market rate.

  7. PROBLEM is designed to help you identify and solve client problems with effective communication of your Features (what you do), and Benefits (why the client wants it).

  8. PROMOTION is designed to help you discover customers, and communicate with them so you can start building your freelance client roster.

  9. PROFIT is designed to help you build the practical soft skills, business savvy, and negotiation tactics required to succeed in freelance.

  10. PROJECTS is designed to help you learn to quickly onboard clients, communicate terms, and earn income.

Who is this coaching for?

Are you a...

  • Writer?
  • Marketer?
  • Designer?
  • Developer?
  • Virtual Assistant?
  • Financial Expert?
  • Business Owner?


Although I am a coach focused on graphic design, copywriting, website development, and marketing, my private, one on one lessons, will help anyone develop a profitable career with practical lessons to help you achieve your life and business goals.

Each session as your coach is a one-hour call that focuses on your goal and helps leave you with an idea, or ten, to continually evolve your career. During our one-hour call, I review your plan and help you to devise the strategy for creating your future business achievement.

Your life. Built on a foundation of freelancing.

My goal is to give you the freedom to earn the income you want, without having to rely on looking to an employer to give you a full-time career. Freelance is a career, and the sky is the limit on how much money you want to be paid.

Earning money online has never been easier, with massive hiring competition, and only a select few at the very top. Most freelancers race to the bottom on pricing, I aim to make you stand out to companies and businesses by developing your ability to demonstrate the quality work you are able to produce to find freelance work.

I coach students globally.

I have coached freelancers from around the world, and I can help anyone, but I am especially talented at helping freelancers from developing countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and the Philippines build outstanding freelance careers.

Many people starting a business believe they need to be in a specific location to succeed. This was especially true of start-ups wanting to go to San Francisco to "make it big." One thing that the COVID pandemic forced us to realize is that freelancing talent is independent of location.

No matter where you are in the world, a successful freelancing business is at your fingertips. Click away at that mouse and keyboard and you have instantly connected to other business professionals just a call away.

I coach any industry.

Whether you are in the creative, technical, sales, or marketing fields I can help you get hired and build a stable financial future. I have helped professional freelancers in writing, marketing, strategy, and even investment with growth.

When we work together to build your business and the life balance that you want, I focus myself as your coach on your specific goals.

Every person I coach wants the same thing, to stand out in the crowd to the person who will hire them. As your coach, I listen to your goals on what you want for your business and life and help you develop and evolve a plan that will work with you as you grow.

Scott Luscombe of Creatibly Freelance Success Coach

Coaching to optimize both physical and mental health.

If you are focused on balance and health, whether that is mental health or physical health, or both, I have worked with professional coaches in psychology and physiology to build myself into a professional freelancing coach.

As your business coach, I will push you with encouragement and confidence to succeed, but our private calls will never push you to break. I suggest weekly sessions to help you with your journey to achieve your goals.

With my background in competitive sports at a professional level, I have had a coach for pretty much everything, whether endurance, strength or mental resiliency. This background prepared me well for business and to build the confidence I needed to take on any company as a client.

I remember the encouragement I received that helped me achieve my goals and my optimal life.

Leaders need coaching too.

My business flourished when I sought the help of a coach, and I believe all of the most capable leaders depend on a coach, or even multiple coaches to optimize each aspect of their life.

Think of your coaching program as an investment in the optimization of your journey, so that you can easily skip the issues that freelancing professionals often stumble upon as they learn on their own.

It took me twenty years to call myself free and successful, my goal as your business coach is to shorten that path for you regardless of what industry you decide in which to build your freelancing business.

Freelancing is fun, and the sky is the limit.

As a self-employed person, you can jump from being one of the many part-time freelancers who earn only a small amount to deciding exactly how much money you want to earn to support your lifestyle.

I help you build your business as an independent contractor going from their first projects to managing an agency and lifting you up to become the best freelancer you possibly can be.

Freelancers often ask how they can get their first job on Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn or any one of the many platforms out there and I explain how you can stand out and get your next job incredibly quickly while managing a consistent workload of freelancing projects.

I help you create the services employers are looking for to leap your freelancing ahead and earn the pay that you want to. I teach the exact system I use on a daily basis to build my future so you can use it to build yours.

We focus on building a coaching program together to help you with your investment in your freelancing business and to ensure your best possible chance.

Want to work 10 hours per week or 100? Both are fine!

Freelance work is an amazing source of income as there is no limit, it's up to you and your skills to determine the job you want. The beauty of being self-employed is, like me, you can work half of the day and enjoy the rest while earning $250-500/hour on high ticket projects, and build the stability where you are consistently bringing in new freelancing customers.

Freelancing as a designer, developer, writer, or marketer is equally lucrative and there are literally millions of new businesses looking to hire your talent. Design and develop websites? That's great! There is tons of work, you just need to define the companies to aim at, and communicate the benefits you offer those companies.

Build a life that is free with me as your coach.

Talent is rare, and you know you have it, you just don't know how to help the customer hire you. I coach gig workers to negotiate for themselves with their employer so they can see that you are the person with the talent they need.

I teach by using specific examples which you can explore and implement to make your idea of becoming one of the best freelancers a reality with the pay you want.

Independent workers in a freelancing business have huge advantages over those seeking to simply get one job. With over 186 current clients, if one client fires me, it's no problem. I want this same stability for all freelancers and I'm here to teach all freelancers exactly what I do.

My goal is also to help you stop seeking employment and have the company and its employees come to you.

Your first freelance job.

During our coaching lessons, I will help walk you through the system I use one on one to get your first freelance job.

I show you how to find the business your want to work with as a freelancer, communicate with them, secure the project and earn the pay that you want.

I explain all of the pieces of personal branding and marketing communications you require to continually add tasks you can complete to earn the income you want as a freelancer.

Your first $100,000.

There is a milestone that every freelancer wants to achieve and remains a mystery to 95% of all freelancers. That's making $100,000/year. As a freelancer, I currently earn around $350,000-400,000/year. That is far higher than an employee at any of the major companies such as Apple, Google, or Netflix.

Reaching this level requires a lot of work, and requires your complete commitment to the business and company you want to work with. High-quality work is a base requirement, I help build you up to be in the top 1% in your field.

This can be done completely online. I work in both Toronto, and Brazil as my family is mixed with my wife a Brazilian, and me a Canadian. We easily support our growing family on my single income and I want to give the option to have the same for every freelancer should they choose a similar path.

As your coach, I build your coaching plan specifically for your life and goals.

It's an amazing life. Time to get started!

Our weekly calls give you the practical skills and encouragement to design a coaching program and plan of action that is the most helpful to your success. Each next step is carefully guided so that you believe in what you are creating through one on one video calls I share both my background and ever-evolving expertise and advice to pass on the knowledge you need for success.

The journey of a million miles or your first million dollars starts with the first step to the discovery and understanding of what you are capable of on your search for a successful business. My background and advice help you create personal financial knowledge on what it takes to create a career as a business owner.

Our coaching calls and strategy will challenge your beliefs about what is possible in business. As your personal coach I want to help you for life, work together on strategy, writing, and marketing your business to give you a life where you feel free and balanced.

My coaching program is built to support you.

Many in the freelance coaching industry think that you must hustle hard and work constantly to become a financial success. My approach is to build a coaching program around your unique needs and a strategy that you feel comfortable completing at your speed.

So what are you waiting for in selecting a business coach to help you build the life you deserve.

Book an introductory coaching call today FREE!

It's your life, feel free to book an initial call to discuss your goals and what I can do as your coach.