How do I rank on Google with SEO writing?

There are a lot of frequently asked questions I receive from customers, whether it is keyword research, SEO writing, but most often these questions circle around how quickly you can start to see results with your Google search rankings for your keyword or groups of keywords.

How do I rank on Google with SEO Writing?

Here is how I started to rank on the first page of Google using only SEO writing with no backlinks.

In order to increase my organic search volume to the website you are on now, I coupled high quality content, on-page SEO structure, and optimized my site for Google search to produce an organic traffic rate of 3,500 visitors per month, and saved $1,000 per month on Google ads.

Using keywords research I was able to move up the search results on Google using best practices to achieve topical authority and relevancy to increase ranking. By making sure I added in the correct content and links throughout this website I can prove how effective this translates into results for your website.

There are a lot of frequently asked questions I receive from customers, whether it is keyword research, link building, SEO writing, but most often these questions circle around how quickly you can start to see results with your Google search engine rankings for your keyword, keyword phrase or groups of keywords.

How long does SEO take?

  1. How do I Start Ranking in results on Google Search?
  2. How long does it take to start increasing Organic Search Traffic?
  3. How long does it take to move up the Search Engine Rank?
  4. How long does it take to start seeing Conversions from Search Engine Organic Traffic?
  5. How long does it take to start Ranking for Keywords on Search Engines?

    How do I Start Ranking in results on Google Search?

    Ranking on the Google search engine is not as difficult as you might expect. The Google algorithm is updated every few days, sometimes every day so Search Engine Optimization professionals aren't able to "beat" the algorithm, mainly because it is unknown, and secondly because it is updated so often. There's no such thing as an SEO ranker, beware if someone is telling you they found a trick to be an algorithm.

    I use a search engine optimization strategy that combines all of the basics, research, on page SEO structure, content, and internal linking. I then analyze the results using SEO tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMRush. There are others, but these SEO tools provide everything you need to make sure you cover all of the SEO best practices.

    Here is my core process when I want to start ranking in results on Google:

    1. Choose your keywords
    2. Do keyword research
    3. Writing for SEO
    4. Internal links
    5. On page SEO structure

      Instead of trying to "game" the system, I simply help the Google algorithm by making sure that I'm writing for SEO, then I make sure the content is helpful to the reader, then insert relevant links to increase the quality of the user experience.

      This is called Topical Authority and Relevancy.

      By using Topical Authority and Relevancy as my primary strategy, I was able to rank on the first page of Google search for very difficult keywords. Without worrying about Authority or Backlinks.

      I believe that Google no longer holds site Authority and Backlinks in high priority, simply because it's so easy to abuse backlink building by simply paying for it (a practice that can get you black-listed from Google search).

      Hire me to get your site ranking on Google search results.

      How long does it take to start increasing Organic Search Traffic?

      I get this question with every new client looking for SEO services. After all, it's easy (but expensive) to get results by paying for Google Ads and just sitting back and waiting. The problem with this strategy is:

      • It's expensive with most quality keywords costing ~$15-20 per click, yes, PER CLICK
      • You don't know why why the user is visiting your site.
      • The quality of traffic is typically low.

      The answer to how long it takes to start increasing traffic is: 1-2 days.

      What is the most effective SEO project?

      Typically SEO projects can be quite extensive, the aim of the SEO services I provide are to reduce, or eliminate the amount of ads you need to run. The reason to reduce the reliance on ads in 2022 and beyond is because of privacy features being launched by Apple and now Android.

      There privacy changes wreak havoc on ad delivery, and it's great, because I honestly always found how accurate ads were very creepy. Even as a professional SEO writer I was always questioning whether my devices were listening to me.

      Now with the privacy updates, especially from Apple it's much better and less intrusive, but also much harder on marketing departments to deliver paid results. I've heard from many marketers and business owners that their Customer Aquisition Cost (CAC) has gone up 500% or more.

      One client having a their CAC go from about $27 to over $150, making a huge impact on their bottom line, and reducing their profitability significantly.

      My Search Engine Optimization Services includes the following:


      • Find out if, and where you are ranking
      • Find out what keywords your competition is ranking for
      • Find out what the biggest brands in the industry are ranking for
      • Find out where you should be ranking
      • Find out what visitors are looking for


        • Choose the keyword to rank for
        • Build content map
        • Structure map for Commercial, Information, and Navigational content


          • Write 15 blog posts and/or page content for topical authority
          • Complete internal links for Google indexing
          • Correctly Structure content with Title, H1, H2, Paragraph, and Meta Descriptions
          • Index the new updates with Google Search Console

            This package typically achieves up to 100/visitors per day of traffic, without the need for constant updates. I have found that this package can save you about $8,000/year in Google ad spend.

            Hire me to get your site ranking on Google search results.

            How long does it take to move up the Search Engine Rank?

            One your content is written and submitted on Google Search Console, it's a bit of a waiting game. I have seen results on my own site start ranking within 1-2 days, and stabilising in position at around 2-3 weeks.

            From there I can help you start optimizing your content for topical authority and relevancy, and continuing to add more content to your site to help Google identify you as an expert in your field.

            As you increase your topical authority, Google sees you as an expert, and starts moving other pages within the same topic up the search results page.

            As a test, I wanted to rank for "freelance coach," which is a very difficult keyword to rank for, at a difficulty of 71/100. I was able to move my ranking from 0 (not on Google), to the first page of Google results using my Search Engine Optimization package. I now maintain a 48.3% market share of that keyword, and it is calculated on SEMRush that competitors would now have to pay over $1,000/month to be displayed on the same page.

            Not only does writing for SEO help you by giving you free, organic traffic which is looking for your specific product or service, it also puts tremendous pressure on your competitors because they will need to spend significantly more money each month to keep up with you.

            Hire me if your want to rank on page 1 of Google search results.

            How long does it take to start seeing Conversions from Search Engine Organic Traffic?

            SEO content has the purpose of giving your content relevancy to your visitors but you're a business and you want to know what effect your SEO writing has on your bottom line.

            The answer is that per 50-100 visitors, I see 1 add-to-cart on average. You will need to make sure your conversion rate optimization is up to the task of converting visitors into paying customers and your website is up to date, but I find that around at a minimum, 1-4% of visitors will add an item to the cart across all industries. Whether you are a service industry or a product industry, whether you are selling a $1 or a $100,000 item.

            How long does it take to start Ranking for Keywords on Search Engines?

            Once we go through the Analysis, Planning, and Implementation Phases a search result featuring the keywords you are trying to rank for will often be featured in the Top 100 results in 24-48 hours.

            Search Engine Optimization Checklist:

            The steps I have found to be most effective when writing for Search Engines is the following:

            1. Ranking Content (Write keyword heavy 500 - 1,000 words)

            2. Title (70 Characters + includes ranking keywords)

            3. Meta Description (320 Characters + includes ranking keywords)

            4. URL (74 Characters + includes ranking keywords)

            5. H1 (H1 includes keywords)

            6. H2 (H2 includes keywords)

            7. Paragraph (First sentence includes keywords)

            8. Internal Links (Add links into content to related site pages)

            9. Images (Images every 3-4 paragraphs + ALT text)

            10. Publish (Review above and make it live)

            11. Index on Search Console (Index URL on Google Search Console)

            12. Wait for Ranking (It’s not good copy if no one reads it)

            13. 1st Draft Content (1 week later > 2,000 Words + repeat above)

            14. 2nd Draft Content (1 month later > 3,000 Words + repeat above)

            15. 3rd Polished Content (3 months later > 4,000 Words + repeat above)

            16. Update Yearly (Keep content up to date + zeitgeist)

            Using high quality content, meta tags, and hitting your target keyword exactly will all be a key ranking factor to where in the Top 100 your search will land. Getting to the first page of Google IS possible, even in 2022, but it can require a significant amount of high quality content.

            Proving the Effect of this SEO Strategy:

            I have been very busy with client projects that I have never spent time on my own website to get it to rank on Google. I decided to spend about an hour or two per day through mid-June to start building organic traffic. My traffic was very stale up to I started, with about 40-50 visitors per day and almost no visibility on Google, I decided to change that.

            By developing the package I sell to clients that I have found works very well, I used it on my own website and began the process of Keyword Research, SEO Writing, because I want to rank on Google for the target keyword groups I know my clients are looking for. By using Blog posts and How-To articles, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console I was able to increase search clicks and impressions over 500% within 28 days.

            For this level of performance I would have to spend around $1,000/month on Google ads for my website in perpetuity, now that the content structure is generally completed I won't have to pay for each of these keywords. Some keywords are ranking on the first page of Google now.

            Organic Keywords:

            To rank on search engines using SEO writing it is important to help Google by identifying your SEO content with the following:

            1. Title Tag

            2. Meta Description

            3. Meta Tags

            4. High Quality Content

            5. Internal Linking

            6. URL

            By making sure to use keywords throughout these above items will greatly increasing your rankings, but you have to make sure that your content is relevant and features the right data and high quality content for your business to attract users with content.

            Content is the highest ranking factor in my opinion. I have found that the user experience is increased and your click through rate is also increased when you write high quality content that informs the user and that you are writing for SEO and also using each individual blog post as a resource for your visitors featuring relevant content that gets them the answers they are looking for.

            How much would I have to spend on ads to achieve this?

            One key consideration is most people skip ads when they're searching, they know that people will pay to rank, and they naturally skip any content that has the "Ad •" in front of the result.

            So although you can pay for rankings, even on the first page of Google for typically $15-20 per click, visitors often skip over this content and look for what is organically ranking. Users know that whoever wrote this single page that is ranking has made sure that they are producing high quality content and has a high authority and relevant web page.

            When I do some basic calculations using SEMRush, monthly costs of $1,000 per 3,000 visitors per month are typical.

            I believe I can achieve the same results for around $3,000 in a one time fee, saving your business roughly $8,000 per year in ad spend for this same amount of traffic.

            If you scale that up to a higher level website, customers can often save many tens of thousands of dollars in marketing budget without extensive monthly fees.

            Ready to start ranking? Hire me for Search Engine Optimization Services.

            How do I rank on Google with SEO Writing?

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