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Logo Design

Creatibly designs you a unique and visually stunning Logo Design for your brand and business.

Graphic Design and Branding Services

Logo Design

Creatibly designs you a unique and visually stunning Logo Design for your brand and business.

Product Description

Your hand-crafted, unique Logo Design.

Logo Design services make your business stand out from the crowd with an individual brand personality.

If you are looking for a professional Logo Design for your company, you have come to the right place. With my logo design service, you will receive a custom logo design for use in a wide range of mediums, from digital to print.

As a logo designer for over 100 brands over twenty years, I am a logo creator you can count on to do everything from an entirely new Logo Design to customizing your logo to give it a fresh new look. Your professional logo design should be the best logo for your business and work perfectly whether you are using it on social media, business cards, your website, or a billboard.

Understanding the Logo Design process:

Step by step to a perfect Logo Design.

I want to make sure you receive the logo for your business.

As one of the top 1% of freelance Logo Designers globally, I aim to create a professional logo that works in every medium and sets the personality and style of your business. Logos come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and during our initial consultation, I will walk you through all the steps and decisions needed to ensure you receive a great logo.

As a partner to your company, I want to ensure we get started with the perfect amount of information, ensuring that we are on the right track to creating a unique brand identity for your business.

What style of Logo Design is right for your brand?

Choosing the style of your logo for your business can feel confusing, and this is one of the most frequently asked questions business owners try to understand before they begin the Logo Design Process.

Since styles vary as much as personal tastes, you should receive a Logo Design for your business that makes you feel proud. When starting logo creation for your business logo, a great place to start is to review my portfolio here and find a style that feels in the style direction that suits your vision for your brand.

What colors should I choose for my Logo Design?

In today's world, your Logo Design is shown in digital and print formats. Choosing the right colors is critical to set your brand's personality.

IMPORTANT: All Logo Designs include Black and White versions.

Choosing the colors for your logo is essential as you want to make sure your brand is giving off the intended personality, so here is a quick guide to understanding the general perceptions of each of the colors:

Red: Powerful and attention-grabbing, often used for food products as it makes you hungry!

Yellow: Full of warmth and happiness, often used in charitable organizations representing hope.

Orange: Young and creative, a perfect middle ground if you like a warm color palette.

Green: Medical and chill, perfect for health brands and eco-friendly brands.

Blue: Confident and trustworthy, often used in health and technology businesses.

Purple: Sophisticated and expensive, perfect for high-end, experiential brands.

Pink: Gentle and Feminine, often used in baby and feminine product brands.

Brown: Earthy and renewable, used in brands that are Earth-focused.

Don't forget to think about color combinations that work for you because every brand should be a unique representative of its brand personality. One way to get unique and distinctive is to use color combos that may not be obvious choices!

What fonts and typefaces are suitable for my Logo Design?

There are four main font types, each with its personality, and selecting the right ones for your brand is an essential step in building your company's brand personality and making sure that your brand suits your industry.

Serif fonts were initially designed for readability in newspapers as they form a visual baseline. Serif fonts are great for various brands and can add a more elegant and sophisticated look to your logo design.

Sans Serif fonts are much more hard-edged with structured corners and can often be seen as more clean and corporate. Many tech brands use san-serif fonts as they can feel more modern and offer that clean and confident look.

Script fonts are similar to signatures and can be portrayed as more personalized, and are great for bespoke and smaller brands. If you are a freelancer or solopreneur, having a script option of your name as a Logo is a great way to add a personal touch to your communications.

Display fonts are mainly decorative and are primarily used in Logos, headlines, and other small blocks of copy as highlights. They are excellent as they offer great contrast when combined with either Serif or Sans Serif fonts.

What is the process of designing your company Logo?

  1. Consultation

  2. References

  3. Colors

  4. Typefaces

  5. Sketches

  6. Selection

  7. Concepts

  8. Revisions

  9. Approval

  10. Delivery


All logo design projects for your company start with a one-on-one consultation and project discovery to understand the goals of your professional logo design.


Choose 3-5 initial references of logos you like to give an initial direction to your logo design and help ensure that you receive a predictable look and feel to the initial concepts.


Set the personality of your professional logo design by selecting the color combinations that best suit your vision to how you expect customers to react to your business.


Then we select the typefaces that suit your Logo design and your individual personality and preferences for your logo design.


In this step of the logo design process, I sketch various concepts that I feel would be a great fit for your logo design project.


You then select the sketches you would like to see as potential final logos.


Your chosen sketches are then illustrated into polished concepts to make your final selection.


You then send detailed revisions you would like to see to your concepts.


Once the revisions have been completed, you decide on which of the final concepts you would like to use as your new logo.


I then add the various logo design formats suitable for both print and digital to your project folder for use in your marketing communications materials.

What are the different styles of Logos?

  1. Wordmark Logo (Text)

  2. Lettermark Logo (Initials)

  3. Brandmark Logo (Icon)

  4. Combination Mark Logo (Text and Icon)

  5. Emblem Mark Logo (Text within Icon)

Wordmark Logo design style

Wordmark logos are typically text-only logo designs where the brand name is the hero and incorporates various illustrative elements into the written brand identity.

Lettermark Logo design style

Lettermark logos are often aimed at simplicity, using the brand's initials or abbreviation of a larger, more complex business name.

Brandmark Logo design style

Brandmark logos combine various visual elements such as images and symbols to create a unique and readily identifiable logo design.

Combination Mark Logo design style

A combination mark logo design combines the text and icon to create a logo design that looks similar to a badge.

Emblem Mark Logo design style

Similar to a combination mark, the emblem mark logo design is often used for governments, educational facilities, and organizations.

What is included in my Logo Design Service?

Basic Logo Design

  • 3 Logo Concepts and 1 Revision
  • Full Color and Single Color 
  • 2 Final Files for Print and Web

Intermediate Logo Design

  • 5 Logo Concepts and 2 Revisions to chosen concept
  • Full Color and Single Color
  • 8 Final Files for Print and Web

Advanced Logo Design

  • 10 Logo Concepts and 3 Revisions to each concept
  • Black and White Versions 
  • 2, or Full Color Version
  • 10 Final Files for Print and Web
  • 4 Social Media Channel Profile Logos
  • Basic Brand Guidelines with Logos, Fonts, and Colors

View Logo Designs in the Portfolio.