Want to make $2,950.33 each week?

Step #1: Get more invites

Step #2: Prove your performance

Step #3: Get to the point

Step #4: Close more deals

Step #5: Upsell for the future 

Keep on growing!

The reality is that earning $3,000 per week is very difficult, but is possible!

Want to make $2,950.33 each week?

Here is my 5 step formula for breaking through the five figure barrier, and reaching the six figure mark.



Once you nail this process it’s rinse and repeat to achieve your goals.

  1. Get more invites
  2. Prove your performance
  3. Get to the point
  4. Close more deals
  5. Upsell for big profit

Step #1: Get more invites

Ya, no duh!

I get it, you’re skeptical.

But it’s easier than you think to get more invites every single day.

Project invites are the holy grail of achieving six figures on Upwork as these are the best inbound sources of income outside of the project catalog.

Project invites require a few keys, and once you’ve collected these keys you can unlock daily invites and easily achieve your six figure goals.

So how do we get more invites?

The first thing to do is to have completed profiles, I know this sounds obvious, but hear me out.

Upwork gives you 1 primary profile, and 2 specialized profiles.

Each of these profiles can have up to 5,000 characters of content in them.

It’s amazing to me when I scroll through other freelancer profiles, how few freelancers have 1) filled in their specialized profiles, and 2) used all of the 15,000 characters available.

So why is 5,000 characters so important?

Think of any search algorithm, what is one of the ranking factors?

The answer is content, and lots of it. You want to earn more money, and getting that extra money all comes down to being found more often.

If you only have a 1,000 characters written on your Upwork profile, another freelancer with 2,000 characters will come up in search way more often than you, and a freelancer with all 15,000 characters used is going to bury you. 

One of the first things I ask when coaching Upwork freelancers is this, do you have the 15,000 characters written?

If not, get writing, you’ll get more invites and earn money regularly whether you're a graphic designer, website developer, or virtual assistant.

For a deeper dive into Upwork profiles, read how do I write a great Upwork profile?

Step #2: Prove your performance

The first is your proposal.

Sending proposals on Upwork is an expensive practice, every connect has a dollar value connected with it.

Make every connect count! 

Sending a bad proposal with no proof that you can do the job is a complete waste of time.

Proof that you can do the job comes from three things, your proposal, presentation, and portfolio.

Your proposal should be short and sweet, and giving the client options for a solution.

By giving the client options you increase your chances of getting the project because instead of digging your heels in on one price, and one solution, the client has choice. I always offer 3 options, a high, a medium, and a low.

You can watch one of my other videos on how to write your Upwork proposal that is linked at the end of this video.

The second is your presentation.

Do not send a proposal without a presentation.

I always send a presentation to potential clients because it gives them a quick way to review my work; and gives me a more comprehensive way of communicating what I can do for the client. 

Your presentation can range from 5 pages to 20.

Mine varies and is typically around 18 pages with about 10 pages for portfolio examples. 

This showcases a wide range of skills, and explains my services.

Always explain your services by focusing on the benefit to the client.

One reason a client will hire you on Upwork is if they see your potential for doing other jobs they may need as well.

Clients don’t want to hire 10 different freelancers, and the more you can cover of each project, and any potential project in the future will help build the client’s confidence in your work.

The third is your portfolio.

This is your website.

The reason I recommend a website instead of a portfolio like Behance or Dribbble is that the client is now your captive audience. 

When you give a link to Behance or Dribbble you give the client numerous other options for freelancers.

For this reason I recommend putting little to no effort into these channels.

Remember that a website is a slowly evolving thing. In the beginning you may only have a few pages, and that’s ok.

Eventually you’ll have hundreds of pages and be able to prove without a doubt that you can tackle the client’s project.

Keep adding to your site every week to slowly increase your visibility on search engines as well.

Step #3: Get to the point

The only goal I have for clients in the beginning is to set up an initial contact. 

The reason is that if a client is willing to spend an hour talking to you about their project, the likelihood of them hiring you increases significantly.

In the last 50 projects, I’ve had a 100% closure rate when I’ve talked one on one with the client.

Make the client feel comfortable when they’re talking to you.

Listen to the problems they are telling you, and offer solutions.

Write down each question the client asks, then when the meeting ends, figure out the best answer. Eventually another client will have this same question, and you’ll be able to answer it like a pro. 

Learn as much as you can, if you don’t know an answer, say you don’t know, and that you will find out and get back to them. 

It’s far better to offer a perfect answer after the meeting, than to try to think of a best guess on the fly.

Don’t be a “Yes” man. Saying Yes to every request will turn off the client, you’ll come across too eager and you’ll have difficulty proving that you know what you’re doing.

The best people in the world at their craft understand deeply that they don’t have all the answers. But they know how to learn. 

I often tell clients, “don’t worry, I’m always the second person clients hire, I’ve been a freelancer for over twenty years and I have decades left, I’m here when you need me.”

Clients should dictate the amount of urgency, not you, if they give you the client on the meeting, great, if they get back to you in a month, great!

Step #4: Close more deals

Repetition works.

You should be sending at least 30-40 proposals per day.

Yes, answer all invites first, and respond the moment you receive an invite.

But even after twenty years of freelancing I’m still sending numerous proposals every day.

Think about it this way.

If you only send one proposal a day, you will have sent 365 each year. If you send 30 per day, in less than two weeks you will have sent the same amount.

You MUST send more proposals. Far to few freelancers think this way. They send one and wait. Then hear crickets.

If you calculate a terrible 1% conversion rate, sending only 1 proposal a day gets you only 3 projects per year. Sending 30 proposals per day at the same conversion rate will get you that many projects in a week or so.

You should be aiming for at least 2-3 new projects per week.

Don’t stop sending proposals until you hit this goal.

Once you hit that goal, you will know your conversion rate and can maintain that level. 

At first it will seem daunting but the more you do, the faster you’ll get.

Once you reach this level, you’re in the rarified air of the top 1% of freelancers and you’re easily earning six figures.

Yes, connects are expensive, but it’s even more expensive wasting a whole year only getting 3 projects. To get free Upwork connects, read how to get more Upwork connects for free?

Eventually you’ll get so much recurring work from this level of sending proposals that you can either stop sending proposals, or you can delegate additional projects and create an agency, the choice is yours. 

Choice is good. Very good.

Step #5: Upsell for the future 

Speaking of recurring revenue, this brings us to the next step towards earning your potential.

Upsell your clients to increase lifetime value.

Clients like it when you want to see them become successful.

My success has been built on the foundation of hundreds of clients hiring me over and over.

The way I get clients to continually hire me for work is to upsell them.

For example, my average order value is $2,403.

Each of my clients will spend this so I know that this is a great median amount.

When I get close to the end of each project, and I like the client and want to keep working with them, I offer them an upsell.

What this consists of is 3 options for next projects.

It shows that I care about the direction of their business and I want to see it grow.

For instance, if I sell a project for $2,000 I will give them Upsell options of $500, $2,000, and $5,000 projects as next steps in working together.

As I’m still within the range of the current project, it’s typically an easy sale.

I offer clients I want to continue working with 3 options of the best next steps to do to achieve their goals.

If they do a Logo Design with me, I offer a Business Card, Sell Sheet, and a Website.

If they do a Website project with me I offer SEO, Social Media, and Content Writing.

Ensuring that you’re giving clients logical next steps to help them grow is your key to success.

Keep on growing!

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The reality is that earning $3,000 per week is very difficult, but is possible!

Here is how to earn $3000 per week:

Earning more money, whether that is through passive income, selling stuff, or aiming for extra money as a freelance writer or virtual assistant it makes your life better. Extra money solves many of life's problems and allows you to build a personal foundation to help build a family upon, and then begin to help your community.

Do not borrow money to "earn money" and flash it on social media accounts. Borrowing money is fine if you are doing that to invest in yourself, your education, or grow your online business, but be mindful that this is debt, and you should only borrow what you can manage.

Making money freelance writing and working your own hours gives you many choices that other people simply don't have. Your goal should always be to invest in yourself, grow your personal goals, and build yourself as a foundation to lift others up!

You can build a consistent income with freelancing gigs combined with your current job. I never recommend leaving gainful employment, because you can gradually build a freelance income, affiliate income, and passive income simultaneously.

You have the power to achieve your goals, get up early, and stay up late, and although I don't recommend pushing yourself too hard, by slowly and consistently working extra hours you will achieve your goals. You'll simply outwork the competition. The simple fact is, and Elon Musk says this too, if you work more hours you will get ahead, there is no denying it.

There's no such thing as quick cash, or getting money fast. With your own business, you won't make money immediately. When you sell online it will take time to grow and expand your business for that extra cash. Quick cash never works when you are aiming to earn more money.

Who you hang out with in your personal circle of friends is extremely important. One of the keys to my success is my wife, she is endlessly supportive and we share a common life goal. We want to build our family, our wealth, and try to achieve our shared potential. Find someone like this in your life!

Facebook Marketplace is an incredible way as well to find ways to earn this level of income. Your freelance income must come from multiple sources. Even though Upwork is an incredible platform, Facebook Marketplace always has untapped sources of income.

How to Earn $3,000 Per Week on Upwork!

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