Shopify eCommerce Website Design

Sell your physical and digital products and services online with an easy-to-use Shopify website.


Shopify eCommerce Website Design

Sell your physical and digital products and services online with an easy-to-use Shopify website.

Product Description

Shopify Website Design and e-Commerce Store Development, Search Engine Optimization, and Digital Marketing Services.

Creatibly gives your online business all the tools to have a fully functional online store to sell products and services and accept online payments.

Over six years as a Shopify Expert Designer and Developer, you can trust Creatibly with your Shopify eCommerce website.

Whether you are just starting your eCommerce journey or raking in billions like Kylie Cosmetics, Creatibly can build your Shopify eCommerce experience from scratch and help you maintain your site well into the future.

Your Shopify web store is the financial foundation for your digital future. By using a results-driven process and a complete understanding of how your business operates, Creatibly can build your digital presence from the ground up.

When you choose to work with Scott Luscombe and Creatibly, you are ensured that your Shopify store will be built to the highest caliber and finish quality by Shopify Experts personally. Each project includes project management, so you are in the loop every step of the way while we work through your project. Scott Luscombe will be your single point of contact for each project, so you are ensured excellent quality from the first consultation to development and site launch.

Creatibly offers the following Shopify services at an affordable price:

  • Website Map and Planning

  • Responsive Website Design for Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet

  • Complete Website Development from Basic Setup to Advanced Customizations

  • Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing to Ensure Success

  • Training and Coaching Services to Build you into an Expert

Shopify Website by Creatibly for Superfoods Australia

With your Shopify eCommerce website by Creatibly, you have one of the primary sales channels to start selling online.

Overview - eCommerce website

User-friendly websites are essential to ensure your customers know what to intuitively do while they are viewing your Shopify store. We offer complete theme customization and ground-up builds based on bespoke website designs depending on which package you choose. We tailor your Shopify store to perfectly capture your vision for your brand. There are other eCommerce platforms that web designers may use to build your store but, Shopify is by far the safest, the most trusted, and easy to manage. 

At Creatibly, we work closely with you and integrate perfectly with large teams to design and develop your eCommerce store. We ensure that your Shopify store is easy to use for the customer and easy for you to update and modify as your business grows.

We aim to build you a Shopify store that will continue converting clicks into customers for years to come. Your Shopify store will be completely functional regardless of which package you choose. We ensure that our quality assurance process tests everything and ensures your understanding of your eCommerce store, how to maintain it and how to navigate the many features of your new eCommerce website.

Every Shopify package includes unlimited products, so you are never limited to how many you can have in your store. One of our stores which we manage daily includes over 26,000 products and grows daily.

When we launch your e-Commerce platform, you can immediately process orders, fulfill orders, and accept payments.

All of the core functionality is setup and ready to go:

  • Account Setup

  • Domain Name Connection

  • User and Permissions Setup

  • Shipping and Taxes

  • Payment Gateways and Alternative Payment Methods

Shopify Website by Creatibly for Culture Pop Soda

Online stores are the most popular way to secure your brand's digital presence and act as the foundation for accepting online orders.

Overview - Digital Marketing

We help customers find your Shopify store with search engine results and optimization using various techniques. From on-page SEO which includes correctly formatting Titles, Meta Descriptions, Heading, Paragraphs, and List hierarchies. We ensure that your content attracts the correct audience with in-depth data-driven research.

Digital marketing emails from Shopify to your customers help bring them back if they leave without completing an order and also remind them often to come back and try new products and offers.

Connect your Shopify store to your FBA Amazon Store and Amazon Branded Content to ensure that you have effective omnichannel marketing coverage. 50% of all eCommerce is completed on Amazon, so it is essential that you A) Don't rely solely on Amazon and B) allow customers to use their Amazon Prime Memberships.

By building your omnichannel marketing, we ensure that these channels are all perfectly reflective of your brand and combine a personalized design that is on-brand and gives your brand consistency regardless of which sales channels you are using.

Here are the added digital marketing services available to you with your Shopify Store:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Writing

  • Marketing Email Flows from your Shopify Store

  • Omnichannel Marketing to Sell on a Wide Range of Platforms

Shopify Website by Creatibly for Carson Electric Ltd.

What is included in my Shopify Website Design and Development project?

All Shopify Website design packages include a fully functional and ready-to-launch E-Commerce Website. This entails Shopify eCommerce web design and development. They also come with one-on-one training time, so you can operate and run your store by yourself. 

Timeline for Delivery: 2-8 weeks

Basic Shopify Website

  • Home, About, Contact Pages

  • 1-5 Products 

  • Free Theme

  • Cart, Checkout, Product, and Collection Pages

  • You supply product images

  • You supply content

  • 1 Hour of one-on-one training

Intermediate Shopify Website

  • Basic Shopify Website Plus:

  • Up to 25 Products

  • Premium Theme with 2 Custom Theme Adjustments

  • 1 Custom Form

  • 2 App Installations and Setup

  • 2 Hours of One-On-One Training

Advanced Shopify Website

  • All Basic and Intermediate Features Plus:

  • Up to 150 Products

  • Custom Product Descriptions

  • Custom Content Writing

  • 3 Custom Landing Pages

  • 3 Custom Forms

  • 3 App Installations and Setup

  • Chat and E-mail Newsletter Setup

  • 3 Hours of One-On-One Training


What are the steps to completing my Shopify Store?

  1. Initial Consultation

  2. Site Map

  3. Website Wireframe

  4. Website Design

  5. Website Development

  6. Go Live!

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