Brand Design

Brand Identity Design Service

When your brand is ready to make its mark on the world, start with a hand-crafted Brand Identity.

Brand Design

Brand Identity Design Service

When your brand is ready to make its mark on the world, start with a hand-crafted Brand Identity.

What you will receive

A handcrafted Brand Identity Design.

Why do you need a brand identity design?

Brand identity design sets the tone for your business on the first impression.

One of my most popular services, I combine the disciplines of illustration, icon design, graphic design, writing, and color theory to build you a hand-crafted brand with the highest level of attention to detail.

Your brand identity design project sets the foundation for all of your marketing communications, whether in print design or digital design mediums. Your logo design is built with the highest regard to usage in the complete range of platforms, from the tiny Favicon on your internet browser at only 32px X 32 px, to billboard size your brand will impress your viewers regardless of the media.

As your graphic designer and illustrator, I go beyond logo designs and consider every aspect of how your logo will be used, from product packaging to business cards I make sure to deliver your business a perfect logo and branding project that your company deserves.


Bistro Morgan Slogan Writing and Packaging Design by Scott Luscombe of Creatibly

Bistro Morgan Brand Identity Design, Slogan Writing and Packaging Design by Scott Luscombe.

What makes a great brand identity design?

In short, it's all about your voice, speaking to the world through your business, and how you want to make people feel when they first approach your brand. I use a wide range of techniques to produce your brand identity design and it all starts with a conversation to understand the wider impression you want to leave on your customers.

For over twenty years I have been an illustrator and graphic designer, trained at Sheridan College, and educated through developing brands for the past two decades I know how to leave a mark with your branding.

The Icon

When I use illustration to craft your icon, I consider the icon's structure and meaning, how it stands together with the other elements of your brand identity design, as well as stands alone. I consider how your logo icon will work with your other graphic design communications.

The Wordmark

Every consideration is given to your wordmark as well as your logo designer and I make sure that your wordmark conveys the feeling you intend for your customers. I give you examples in your three initial concepts of upper, lower, and sentence case wordmark for your comparison.

The Colors

Colors divide and unite, contrast and merge together, I make sure that when selecting colors I give special consideration as your designer to your intended target and subconscious feeling that you are looking to portray with your logo design.

The Slogan

With an education in copywriting from the University of Toronto, as well as writing over 250,000 words per year, I love wordsmithing your slogan into a memorable portion of your project.

The Unification

Although each piece of your brand identity is separate and can stand alone, I also ensure that it unifies together to build a cohesive brand. With time, customers will come to know your brand for each separate component, as well as the whole.

Are you looking to stand out?

As your logo designer and brand designer, the techniques I use vary from brand to brand, completely dependent on the voice of the brand and the intended tone of the initial impression.

By using hand-rendered iconography and text I shape your logo design and imagine the various impressions a customer will have by interacting with your brand colors.

The thick and thin lines set a bold or delicate tone, a highly structured or free form shape, I combine illustrative elements and colors to produce a brand design that conveys the feeling you wish to leave on your customers.

What is the process for completing a brand identity design?

My brand identity design services start with an initial conversation where we build the Project Brief and I learn more about your intentions for your brand identity design. Logo designers often jump right in without spending enough time researching the competitive landscape and understanding your needs as a client.

I spend the time needed to produce a professional logo along with the supporting brand identity design services which allow you to use your logo design in a wide range of mediums, from business cards to product packaging, website, and digital marketing such as social media.

All of my clients have different needs for their brand identity design project, and I customize each process to accommodate their individual requests, however, below is my typical process for producing your brand identity:

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Project Brief
  3. References
  4. Sketches
  5. Illustration
  6. Typography
  7. Color Palette
  8. Slogan Writing
  9. Review
  10. Revision
  11. Approval
  12. Digital Asset Management

Why should you hire Creatibly and Scott Luscombe as your brand identity designer?

As a top-rated Graphic Designer, ranking in the top 1% of designers globally according to Upwork with a 96% Job Success Score and a 5-star rating, you can rest assured that I can design your perfect logo.

Whether your brand is a small business or a global enterprise, I craft your brand identity design with the utmost care and quality. As you are looking to hire talent for your logo design it is important that your graphic designer has the skills necessary to exceed your design needs.

Brand identity design goes far beyond the logo design and must be carefully considered on how the individual pieces of your brand fit together, how the slogan suits the colors, and how the colors compliment the shapes, all pieces of a brand identity come together to create a unique identity.

I have been one of the top freelance graphic designers for decades, known for launching the Nespresso brand with the Something New is Brewing campaign, to the logo designer for Wallet Ninja which evolved into a complete brand and business development project, leading to over 30 million units sold.

When I design your logo I think of the hundreds of places it can be used, from print to digital, laser-etched and machined into substrates, posted on social media, and plastered on subways or a banner ad. I ensure that as your logo designer your brand identity design will work flawlessly in all mediums.

Your business is in great hands when you hire me as your logo design professional. As our business relationship expands beyond your logo design and brand identity design, I can support your business in the complete range of creative and technical services:

What if you don't know what style suits your brand?

Every day we are exposed to hundreds, if not thousands of logos, but understanding your particular style often requires seeing the designs first. In our initial consultation, we discuss the various styles of logos so you don't have to be an expert.

Using color theory I design your brand with the colors that will give your viewers the feeling that you intend for them.

Each of the brand identity design services I provide includes 3 concepts and use a range of styles to help you narrow down the direction of your brand design to make sure that you are happy with the final product.

As your brand identity designer I make sure that your brand identity design fits with both you and your clients so that you have a design you love to show off and can be proud of all while impressing your customers.

With twenty years of experience creating corporate, agency, consumer packaged goods, and professional services logos and brand identity designs when you hire me as your designer you are in great hands.

I take the needed care as your designer to produce a logo design which is timeless and will only require minimal updates as necessary as the years go by. Great brands last decades, if not longer and I keep this in mind when I design your logo, branding, slogan, and all of the pieces necessary.

What formats are included with my brand identity design?

Digital asset management is the final step in your brand identity design project, and I ensure that you have all of the formats you will need for your logo design to be used in every medium.

I collect all of your logo design and brand identity design files into your project folder where you are free to download all of the files your need from your logos to your slogan and your icon for print and digital marketing usage.

Your logo will be supplied in these various formats:

  • RGB Favicon 32x32px for web browser tabs
  • RGB .PNG Raster and .SVG Vector for digital marketing, websites, and social media
  • CMYK .EPS and .AI Vectors for print design
  • Black and White versions for dark and light backgrounds
  • Full color versions for dark and light backgrounds

The 3 types of brand identity design services:

In the ever-evolving landscape of brands, I have three packages that will give you the options you need as I realize that not every brand uses print design, and many are digital marketing primarily.

I have tailored these three packages based on the most common combinations of brand identity designs I produce on a weekly basis. As your logo and brand identity designer I aim to give you the highest level of quality and service. When you purchase a particular brand identity service please feel free to mix and match the pieces you need for your perfect brand identity.

Brand Identity Design

  • 3 Logo Concepts and 3 Revisions
  • 3 Slogans 
  • 3 Color Palette Concepts
  • 3 Typography Style Sets
  • 1 Stationary Design
  • 1 Business Card Design
  • 1 Vision and Mission Statement Writing
  • 1 Brand Guidelines Book

Digital Brand Identity Design

  • 3 Logo Concepts and 3 Revisions
  • 3 Slogans
  • 3 Color Palette Concepts
  • 3 Typography Style Sets
  • 20 User Interface Icons
  • 1 Email Signature Design
  • 1 Vision and Mission Statement Writing
  • 1 Brand Guidelines Book

Product Brand Identity Design

  • 3 Logo Concepts and 3 Revisions
  • 3 Slogans
  • 3 Color Palette Concepts
  • 3 Typography Style Sets
  • 1 Packaging Design
  • 1 Sell Sheet Design
  • 1 Vision and Mission Statement Writing
  • 1 Brand Guidelines Book


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