FD Financial Group, the owner of WealthFD, TaxFD, and MortgageFD hired me to completely re-design their Brand, Print, and Digital Communications to create a unified brand.

Problem: Current brand wasn't unified and had distinct looks for each brand.

Project: Unify all logos to for a cohesive brand identity.

Solution: I created a Brand Identity and Design System that gave the overall brand a unified look, with a distinct color representing each brand allowing each brand to work as a set or stand alone.

Projects Completed:

  1. Brand Identity Design
  2. Website Design and Development
  3. Slogan Writing
  4. Content Writing
  5. Email Signature Design and Development

Logo Design

FD Financial Group Logo and Brand Designs for WealthFD, TaxFD, and MortgageFD

Business Card Design

Business Card Design for FD Financial Group


Slogan Writing

FD Financial Group Slogans


Website Design and Development

WealthFD Website Design and Development

MortgageFD Website Design and Development


TaxFD Website Design and Development


WealthFD, TaxFD, and MortgageFD Mobile Website Design and Development


Animated Email Signature Design and Development

FD Financial Group Email Signature Design

Meeting Calendar Infographic Design

FD Financial Group Meeting Calendar


FD Financial Group Brand Design, Website Design, Development, Copywriting, and Marketing Projects

Project Services:

Brand Identity Design
Project Software:

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Project Mapping Software

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