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Content Writing Service

When you hire a copywriter for content writing, you are hiring a generalist who can touch on every point of written content in your marketing strategy to give your brand the best chance of converting customers.

Marketing and Copywriting Services

Content Writing Service

When you hire a copywriter for content writing, you are hiring a generalist who can touch on every point of written content in your marketing strategy to give your brand the best chance of converting customers.

Product Description

High-quality content writing services that achieve your goals.

What qualifies as high-quality content?

Quality content writing is the application of a combination of skills. The main task is to write copy based on the purpose and intent. One copywriter may be a better fit for certain types of writing. The benchmark for quality will be very different for a paralegal compared to that of marketing and design teams. What may be quality content for some may not be in your best interest.

That being said, high-quality content is original tailored content written with a purpose to either educate, inform or entertain. This purpose is of great importance at the beginning of most writing tasks because it dictates what your writing style will be. Though, in the digital age, compelling content by itself is not sufficient. The online content pieces should be created and edited with a content strategy in mind and in line with acceptable SEO guidelines to make them promotion friendly and discoverable by search engines.

Writing successful content is not a simple task and has its own set of nuances. Marketing agencies and content writers with a proven track record often write this content constantly, striking a balance between writing top-notch content and keeping it discoverable while maintaining consistency within and across pages.

What do you need before you hire a freelance content writer?

If you are here, you already have these things in place. Nonetheless, here's a checklist:


When hiring a content writer, you will often need to provide them with the purpose of the desired copywriting task. This will help the content writer understand the final intent of the copy, perform adequate subject and keyword research, and write coherent paragraphs. All in all, content writer can apply their content writing skills in a direction that makes sense for your brand and deliver quality content. A content-rich website becomes more crucial because there may be multiple content types.

Target Audience

Having a purpose is not enough. Your purpose may be to sell more of your product but the target audience can differ greatly. Unless your service or product is concentrated entirely in one market segment, you will need to know who the ideal customer is. The content for heart rate monitors will be very different for elderly customers compared to athletes. They may be buying the same product, but their motivations differ significantly. Writers create content to guide the customer through a page. Clients will need different content styles to convince them of the merits of something.

Competition and Their Pitfalls

Most of the time, content creation is improving on already existing content. Your content writer would appreciate some pointers toward your competition and specific references from their web pages. If you or your marketing team have a good grip on market research, you should be able to see why your competition is winning or losing. Most content writers will research before writing content, but it's still a good idea to observe your competition's web pages, compare their web traffic, and have some pointers to share with your content writer.

Technical Specifications

Most copywriters and technical writers (a subcategory) would require you to share technical specifications upfront. To write articles that your customers can find, these details can be crucial for discoverability and promote informative copywriting. Whether it's a product or service, technical information like key features, metrics, timelines, and even pricing is essential. A search query for technical help with a laptop is less likely to lead to your page, but a query for a 14-inch laptop with an i5 processor and the model number will lead to only a handful of results.

Why you should hire a professional writer for your content?

Content marketing requires writers to focus their skills on generating content for various mediums, from digital to print. Content includes long-form press releases, website content, landing page content, and white papers. Content writers are skilled in modulating their language based on intent, whether writing to serve individual subscribers or with a digital marketing goal in mind.

Content writers for hire are seen as generalists who do the bulk of the heavy lifting by setting the initial content for your business and can jump from Headline writing to Body copywriting to Social media posts and through all of your marketing touch points. Their understanding of content marketing strategies gets repeated across these different touch points, ultimately driving more visitors and potential customers to your respective pages.

For new businesses or businesses trying to build an online presence, content writers can help with the initial setup of a content creation platform. They can also build and manage content management systems where you and your marketing department can provide real-time feedback. This may sound very basic, but there is no replacement for a good content writer who can keep the essentials in check. Content writers ensure that you can scale your business with the help of content sustainably and predictably.

What is my process for writing blog content and articles?

Working with Creatibly gives you the confidence to get what you want with your content. You get original content writing. At Creatibly, we take plagiarism very seriously, and we scan content with the best plagiarism tools to ensure that your content is original and one of a kind. We are committed to delivering quality content.

All projects start with an initial consultation to understand your exact goals, wants, and needs. Once we have your details, you then receive your first draft and make any revisions you would like. Once you approve the copy, we will share the document with you to push live on your site.

Creatibly can help write compelling content with text that serves your business and moves you towards your goals. With longstanding experience with industry-leading online tools and content marketing, we write high-performing online articles that are second to none.

We sweat the details, so you don't have to. There are three project levels based on word count:

  • 500-word Content Writing

  • 500-1,000 word Content Writing

  • 1,000-2,000 word Content Writing

Each tier contains original research and original content created specifically for you. The content is also optimized to be a part of on-page SEO elements that helps search engines index your page and its content in top search results.

Frequently Asked Questions about Content Writing

What skills does a content writer need?

A content writer can have many skills, often overlapping with other forms of content generation. On a surface level, content writer should know their crucial writing practices, know how to tell a captivating story, know that well-researched content means well received, know basic Search Engine Optimization practices, and be open to change and constructive feedback.

Is content writing easy?

We all know how to communicate, making it seem that communication is accessible and, to some degree, even effortless. Although talking and giving a speech are significantly different skills. Content writing to some extent, is like giving a speech. The content writer needs to know the audience and have an understandable flow of information with headings and a consistent writing style, all while building a connection, so the audience cares about you. All this while keeping discoverability by search engines and other marketing channels in mind. On the surface level, the job of a content writer may seem easy, but it's quite complex.

What is the difference between copywriting and content writing?

Content writing is used in marketing, whereas copywriting is primarily used in advertising. A content writer is a marketer, and a copywriter is an advertiser. Although advertising is generally a part of the marketing sphere, there's a lot of overlap between the two. The two job posts are not mutually exclusive and broadly termed under one or the other. Based on technicality, you can create marketing content without using copy (Images, Videos, etc.), but all marketing copy is content.

How long should Search Engine Optimization writing be?

Short-form content writing is typically known as less than 500 words, medium-form is less than 1000 words, and long-form content writing is greater than 1000 words.

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