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Email Signature

Signing off with your email signature is the final impression you will make to your audience; I help ensure it is lasting.

Graphic Design & Branding

Email Signature

Signing off with your email signature is the final impression you will make to your audience; I help ensure it is lasting.

A professional email signature that creates a lasting impression on your prospects!

What is an email signature, and how does its quality affects your organization?

An email signature is a little block of text sitting at the bottom of your email that includes information about who you are, what organization you're from, and your contact details. Instead of ending the email with a simple salutation or just your name, an email signature is a fantastic way to stay in your prospect's or customers' minds after closing their inboxes. It also looks professional since it reinforces your affiliation with a corporation while retaining a human touch by assuring that the person on the other end is an actual human being and not a bot like 90% of their mailbox.

There are some essential constituents of an email signature and effectively presenting them interestingly and legibly is the real challenge. Email signatures would first and foremost include your company logo, color and visual elements from your brand identity, and a business card-like format to ensure there's no information overload. In addition to those basics, the email signature will contain your name, job title, email id, and the company's website and social media icons.

While there is no set format or guideline for designing email signatures, and most are always dependent on the brand identity of the company, A good email signature intends to let your prospect have a point of contact while emphasizing a certain degree of professionalism. With automation and robot emails on an upward surge, this is something that will significantly help you and your business stand out.

Things to consider before you hire a designer for your email signatures

Email signatures are pretty straightforward in what they are, and their purpose is understood quite well. There are a couple of things that you may want to consider before you hire a designer to ensure a solid design application and an overall seamless process.

Brand Elements

Email signatures can be multiple sizes, but generally, they are standardized for apple mail, an enterprise Gmail account, or any other mail service you or your organization uses. However, the screens on which they may be viewed will differ in size. With your designer having access to all your brand elements, including your company logo, supergraphics, and brand colors, they can ensure that your brand is recognizable in your email signature across different screen sizes and leave a great impression on you, the reader, irrespective of their screen size.

Even if you use an online email signature generator or a signature template, you would need your brand elements to transform the generic design. Since a designer most likely created your brand guidelines, it's recommended that you seek a professional designer who understands the effective usage of your brand assets.

Particulars and Contact Details

This may seem trivial and almost primary consideration, but when designing email signatures at scale or simply deciding what signature details to put in and what to leave out, this can become an arduous task. Not to mention if a last-minute change means alterations across 100(s) if not 1000(s) of signatures.

First, begin with what is essential for your organization to include in the email signature. This can be the website, office phone number, and company social media icons. Carefully decide what you want to include there. If you include the employee's extension on each signature, skip on the office number and simply include one set of numbers with the extension. Followed by organization's info, think about employee info. This will likely be the name, designation, phone number with extension, and email id. You may also choose to include an employee image as well. Just make sure you use high-quality standardized images for all your employees.

you will then transfer all of this information to your graphic designer, who will apply these in conjunction with graphics to make a practical and legible layout.

Only begin the design process once you have a solid idea of what is being used on your email signature. Stick to the essentials and eliminate any redundancies within the text and graphical elements.

The Design and The Designer

We've all heard the phrase "Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication," and this rings true in the case of an email signature. Design is the art of deciding the look and functionality of a particular object. This means that the task of creating something as simple as an email signature is complex, with considerations for screen sizes and responsive and eye-catching design while effectively facilitating information transfer. Your goals for your email signature design should be clear and concise. It's not the most crucial graphic with your business logo on it but having a general idea of what you want your prospect to feel and do once they see it is a good point of understanding.

A professional email signature designer will likely have previous experience designing logos, brand identities, and marketing collateral. Email signatures are small size collateral and, in many cases, comparable to business cards and one-pagers. So your chosen designer should have considerable experience designing that style of collateral if it's not directly designing email signatures.

You can use an email signature editor or generator online, but that, in our opinion, is like trying to cut a fruit with a hacksaw; it gets the job done but not really how you want. If you go that route, we recommend using professional email signature templates created by real designers, not AI. You want a personal touch to your email signature, and using an algorithm to accomplish that doesn't seem right, now does it?

Output Processes

An email signature rollout process is reasonably straightforward, and you can add company-wide email signatures with the help of an IT team in most enterprise-level software for an Outlook account, Gmail account, or Apple mail. You can ask your employees to add their signatures to their accounts if you don't have a dedicated IT team.

It is recommended that you proof the final design on Desktop, Mobile, and iPad to ensure that the design is functional and legible across all screen sizes.

If you have used an online email signature generator, be wary of overlap and competing brands within your space. This may entail confusion on the prospect's end and sometimes lead to legal ramifications over similar design assets.

What is my process for email signature design?

There are many options for a professional email signature design available. They should positively reflect your brand. You are ensured an excellent email sign-off by using a combination of images, animations, and text. The process begins with a small consultation call and a brief form requesting your company assets and employee particulars. I then create a concept for your email signature. You can then request a revision to the design.

At Creatibly, we create one-of-a-kind, custom email signature designs that are unique to you and only you. We create practical and professional email signature designs without the use of an email signature template or

At Creatibly, we sweat the details of the process, so you don't have to. Your project includes:

Email Signature Design

  • One Design and One Revision

  • Digital Files for your Email Software

Additional Name

Just need a change or additional design for a new employee?

  • One Design

  • Digital FIles for Your Email Software

Animated Signature Design

Want to really WOW your prospects with your professional email signature? An animated signature will surely do that!

  • One Design and One Revision

  • Digital Files for your Email Software


How do I design an email signature?

To design an effective and professional email signature, you first want to begin with all your brand assets and information mapped out. This would include name, job title, contact information, etc.

Professional email signatures by adding the contact info and emphasizing your name, affiliation, and secondary contact information. Use simple and consistent colors while applying an effective design hierarchy between your info and brand assets. Make links to a site or portfolio trackable and use dividers and spacers to highlight their placement. Make sure your email signature design is mobile-friendly, and test your signature on different screen sizes.

What color is best for an Email Signature?

The best colors for your email signature will be dictated by your current brand identity and primarily affect what colors you use. That being said, different colors are associated with different emotional responses, and based on your industry, a particular set of colors would work better for you than others. The base color should be white or black simply because they work exceptionally well for legibility and readability. Make sure you tastefully color to compliment and highlight the information rather than causing a sensory overload.