Home Office Accessories for Freelancers

Unleash your creativity and stay focused with your home workstation.

Desktop Accessories

Creatibly Studio


Leather Desk Pad

Creatibly Studio's genuine leather desk mat gives you a comfortable surface and ergonomic feel to reduce elbow and wrist fatigue for hours of designing, developing, and writing your next masterpiece. The pad comes in multiple sizes, to fit your preferences. Use it as a desk pad or simply a mouse pad, pick the size that's just right.


Wood Headphone Stand

Our wood headphone stand provides the ideal place to store your headphones on your desk. Created with studio monitors in mind, the stand rests any pair of over-ear headphones and neatly stores the cable out of sight. The aluminum construction with the walnut top gives your statement pieces a deserving home!


Use Your iPhone as a Webcam with the Continuity Camera Mount.

All you need to use your Apple iPhone MagSafe compatible phone as a webcam is this mount, your phone, and the cable that came with your phone. Connect your iPhone to your computer and attach the MagSafe Camera Mount.


Wood Business Card Holder

A sturdy and sleek business card holder for your desk or front office. Our card holders are versatile desk organizers that come in handy to store almost anything. A loose set of pins or a pad of sticky notes. Clean up your workspace, and move all little trinkets out of sight!

Second to None

Creatibly Studio is an extension of the freelance lifestyle. Taking ownership of your life as a freelancer is brave. After bidding adieu to the corporate rat race, freelancers must have a space that lets their talents breathe and productivity soar.

Our desk accessories are meant to be extensions of this brave freelance lifestyle. We are ditching the run-of-the-mill cubicle and creating a space that reflects this individuality. With many color options and sizes, no two desks are the same. At Creatibly Studio, we bring together the highest quality materials to build workspaces that complement these brave ones. Second to none.


Mobile Studio For Digital Nomads

No need to compromise on productivity and finesse when taking your workspace with you. Our mobile studio products ensure that you stay as productive as you are in your home office. Always stay ahead of your to-do list on a train across states or an international flight!

Travel Phone and iPad Stand

Our portable phone and iPad Stand make it possible to emulate a desktop experience almost anywhere. The small footprint and skid-resistant rubber feet make any space in your workspace.

Tripod Adjustable Phone Stand

The tripod-adjustable phone stand makes it convenient to take video calls and show sites to potential clients a breeze. The sponge feet provide an easy grip when you're moving, which can then be used in infinite combinations to wrap around any surface. This stand can do everything from stable video calls to picture-perfect selfies.

The quality we stand behind

Pros know that freelancing is a hustle, but the rewards can foreshadow the benefits of the best jobs in the world. This hustle demands long nights and hard days. Our material choices reflect your resilience to delay gratification and live life on its own terms. Built for the relentless and the unfazed.

A workspace that works. Quality materials like wood, aluminum, and stainless steel can stand the test of time. It's the one constant in your changing roles and ever-growing projects. And it will continue to be for a really long time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Creatibly Studio Home Office Accessories

What should I buy for my desk setup?

The objective to add desk accessories to your desk is to create a clean and inspiring environment that lets you do your best work. First would be peripherals including a mechanical keyboard and a good mouse like the Logitech MX Master. For accessories, freelancers should get a desk mat followed by a laptop or monitor stand. These 2 accessories alone can elevate your work experience because they have real physiological benefits that lead to better posture. This is highly recommended for long work hours and working across time zones.

How do you stop desk clutter?

For freelancers working with multiple clients, keeping multiple priorities in check can get difficult. Before you know it, your desk is a post-it city. The first thing you can do is remove as many cables from your desk as possible. This can include getting wireless peripherals, including wireless headphones with high-quality audio. The next would be to elevate your laptop or monitor to create separation between your display and your desk. Next would be to assign zones around your desk for all things you need. Post-its can be on the wall, the right side is for the graphics tablet, stationery goes in a drawer, and loose objects can go in an organizer. Getting a trashcan for your workstation is also highly recommended.

How can I declutter my desk without a drawer?

If you have a desk that doesn't have a drawer, like a large kitchen table, there are a few ways you can declutter your desk. The first and probably the most effective one is to invest in wireless peripherals. Consider wireless charging for your phone, iPad, and earphones. Wireless keyboards and mice are also great and are quite affordable. Since there isn't a drawer, you would need to create layers on your desk by elevating the display with a stand and using the space under for organizers. These can then store your stationery and other small items like pins and blades. If you use a lot of reference books for your work, consider getting a wall-mounted bookshelf.


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