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Graphic Design, Website Development, Sales, and Marketing Services

Website Maintenance

Regular website maintenance ensures that your website stays up-to-date and profitable. Keeping your site secure, increasing your site's performance, updating website content, and fixing broken links on an ongoing basis ensures that your website makes competitors jealous.

Graphic Design, Website Development, Sales, and Marketing Services

Website Maintenance

Regular website maintenance ensures that your website stays up-to-date and profitable. Keeping your site secure, increasing your site's performance, updating website content, and fixing broken links on an ongoing basis ensures that your website makes competitors jealous.


Hear what my clients are saying.

Morgan Hipworth

Scott always goes the extra mile to make sure that all briefs are done quickly and to the highest quality - we love working with him! We gave Scott a very difficult task, and he came back to us with some great suggestions. His availability and communication were great.

Kyra Longford

Scott was a pleasure to work with - high quality of work, prompt response, and frequent communication. He is open to feedback, and I am more than thrilled with the final product. I highly recommend Scott as a graphic designer!

Alexander Shlaferman

Scott's work is fantastic - lots of freelancers have a nice portfolio of their work but when it actually comes to delivery, fall far from expectations. Not Scott - if you like his portfolio, then you'll be pleasantly surprised by the caliber of his work and concepts.

Pamela Moulton

We have been working with Scott for over two years now and he never disappoints. Very creative and really gets it, and us. Too many projects to mention have been hit completely out of the park by Scott. Always great turnaround!

Sarah Georges

Scott does excellent work and follows feedback well. We have worked with him on multiple projects and are always happy with what he delivers.

Naomi Kliger

Scott works efficiently and offers awesome recommendations outside of our existing scope of work, excited to continue working together!

30 Requests Per Month (1 Update Per Day)

Basic Package $599/month

90 Requests Per Month (3 Updates Per Day)

Advanced Package $999/month

180 Requests Per Month (6 Updates Per Day)

Professional Package $1899/month

What is included in the monthly website maintenance packages?

  • Ad Campaign Management
  • Adding and Editing Sections
  • Blog Post Writing
  • Browser Compatibility Testing
  • Coding Customizations
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Management
  • Content Writing
  • Device Compatibility Testing
  • Domain Name Registration
  • File Uploads
  • Fix Broken Links
  • General Maintenance Tasks
  • Google Analytics Analysis
  • Google Search Console Analysis
  • Image ALT Text Writing
  • Landing Page Edits
  • Landing Page Writing
  • Link Updates and Editing
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Product Image Editing and Upload
  • Product Page Writing
  • Scan for Vulnerabilities
  • Search Engine Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Ranking
  • Shopify and WordPress eCommerce
  • Site Speed Analysis
  • Social Media Shopping and Connection
  • SSL Certification
  • Technical Support
  • Up to Date Information
  • Web Hosting Updates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly Website Maintenance

What's included in the FREE Trial?

Your FREE trial is for a 30 day period, just like other packages. Within that 30 day period you are able to submit up to 10 tickets for changes to your Shopify Website.

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance is like the behind-the-scenes choreographer of the digital world. It involves routine updates, content refreshes, security check-ups, and technical tweaks to ensure your site operates seamlessly, stays shielded from cyber threats, and delivers an optimal user experience. It's the diligent work of web developer that keeps your online presence in top-notch shape, making sure your visitors have a smooth and secure journey through your digital domain.

Is website maintenance important?

Is maintaining your website a crucial task? Definitely. Website maintenance plays a pivotal role in ensuring your online space runs smoothly, stays secure, and provides a positive experience for your visitors. It's the digital caretaker that keeps your website owners virtual doors open and welcoming.

Can I upgrade my maintenance plan?

Yes of course, Once your monthly term ends you can upgrade your maintenance cost! Ready to give your website a first-class ticket to the maintenance spa? Absolutely! Upgrading your maintenance plan is like treating your online presence to a digital makeover. Think of it as swapping your website's old jogging shoes for a pair of sleek cyber-sneakers – because why walk when you can gracefully glide through the web? It's time to level up, and we've got the digital red carpet waiting for your website's VIP entrance!

Can I do website maintenance myself?

Feeling adventurous, eh? Can you tackle website maintenance solo? Sure thing! It's like embarking on a DIY quest for your digital kingdom. Picture yourself as the webmaster, armed with a keyboard and a cup of courage. It's not rocket science, just a bit of digital gardening – pluck out the weeds, water the content, and make sure your website is flourishing like a well-tended garden. Ready to be the hero of your website's maintenance story? Just don't mess up or you could be back to square one!

Why is website maintenance necessary?

Why drag your website into the digital doldrums when you can let it shine like a pixelated superstar? Picture this: website maintenance is your virtual janitor, sweeping away the cobwebs of outdated content, dusting off security concerns, and tuning up the site's ranking performance engine. It's the secret sauce that keeps your online haven spick, span, and ready to impress. Because, let's face it, a well-maintained website isn't just a website; it's a digital VIP lounge where visitors RSVP for the best online experience in town!

How often should I maintain my website?

Ah, the age-old question of digital TLC! How often should you pamper your website? Think of it like giving your favorite houseplant some love – too much attention, and it might drown; too little, and it becomes a digital desert. The sweet spot? Regular maintenance check-ins and touch-ups. It's the art of balance, like maintaining a zen garden in cyberspace. So, schedule those digital spa days, and let your website bask in the glow of your care. After all, a happy website is a high-fiving, pixel-perfect website!

How can I handle website maintenance myself?

If you love tackling Plumbing, Electrical, and Roofing in your home you're ready to don the digital DIY cape! Handling website maintenance solo is like becoming the undisputed champion of your online realm. Imagine yourself as the fearless web warrior, armed with tools and determination. Fear not the tangled codes or the unruly plugins – with a dash of patience and a sprinkle of tech-savviness, you'll conquer it all. It's the heroic journey of keeping your website in tip-top shape, and you, my friend, are the commander-in-chief of the keyboard. So, grab your toolkit, cue the epic music, and let the website maintenance adventure begin!

How do I monitor website maintenance progress?

Curious about your website's behind-the-scenes action? Monitoring maintenance progress is like having your very own backstage pass to the digital concert. Once you've chosen a web maintenance package, I setup a project management system, or you can invite me to yours' and I will tackle each change with professionalism. Imagine you're the conductor of a tech symphony – armed with analytics and a keen eye. Dive into the data, keep an ear out for any tech hiccups, and make sure the virtual orchestra is playing in perfect harmony. It's the art of conducting without a baton, ensuring your website's performance gets a standing ovation in the online world. So, grab your virtual binoculars, take a seat in the tech auditorium, and enjoy the show as your website takes center stage!

Do I need a maintenance plan for a small website?

Got a cozy little corner of the web? Wondering if a maintenance plan is overkill for your petite online abode? Think of it this way: even small websites have big dreams, and a maintenance plan is like the guardian angel ensuring those dreams stay intact. It's the digital caretaker that prevents your tiny online haven from turning into a neglected digital attic. So, whether you're running a digital tea party or a full-blown shindig, a website maintenance cost and plan is your secret sauce for keeping the cyber celebration alive and kicking. Because size may be relative, but website TLC is non-negotiable!

What is the cost of website maintenance services?

Ah, the million-dollar question – or maybe not a million, but definitely a question worth its weight in digital gold! The cost of website maintenance services range from $449 to $2749 per month. It varies depending on the menu of services you choose. Think of it as picking your website's favorite treatments – from content facelifts to security massages. Prices for website maintenance costs can range from the cost of a fancy cup of coffee to a dinner for two, depending on the extent of pampering your digital baby deserves. So, pull out your digital wallet, check your budget, and let's give that website the VIP treatment it deserves!

How can I choose the right maintenance service provider?

Schedule a free consultation to find out!

Are website maintenance and redesign/development the same?

Hold on to your digital hats, because we're about to untangle the web lingo! Website maintenance, my friend, is the steady hand that keeps your online ship sailing to date and running smoothly throughout. Picture it as routine check-ups, security patrols, and performance tune-ups to ensure your existing site stays snazzy. Now, the redesign is like giving your digital home a makeover – a complete revamp of the aesthetics, content management system and structure. It's the grand reopening with a fresh coat of digital paint! Development of web design, on the other hand, is the digital groundbreaking ceremony. It's the art of crafting a brand-new website from the ground up, a bit like building a cyber castle from scratch. So, in the website universe, the website maintenance provider is the guardian angel, redesign is the glam squad, and development is the architectural maestro. Each plays a different note in the digital symphony!

Here's my work:

Freelance graphic design, website development, marketing and copywriting.

Over the last two decades I have completed thousands of graphic design, Shopify website development, digital marketing, search engine optimization and copywriting projects for hundreds of clients in every industry. With a Job Success Score of over 97% and a 4.9 Star Rating during these projects I believe that I can build your next project with the professionalism you need to stand out.


Website maintenance tasks and website maintenance packages.

Maintenance services can be adjusted based on your specific needs depending on the types of website maintenance you require for your brand's success. Your website maintenance options are vast, and while I don't expect you to know the exact best practices, I do want to make sure that you are making an informed decision with your website maintenance package.

All packages include the same maintenance services. The only difference is the quantity of each of the site services you receive every month:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Writing New Content 
  • Website Performance Monitoring
  • Fixing Broken Site Links
  • Site Ranking Increases on Search Engines
  • New Blog Posts
  • Application and Software Updates
  • Google Analytics and Search Console Monitoring
  • Website Customizations

Website maintenance covers you from A to Z

Whether your website is custom coded or you are using a website builder such as Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace or Webflow I can keep website maintenance costs as low as possible while still giving you best-in-class service.

Search engines love the website content I produce and with a website that is continually up to date you're sure to crush the competition on search engine rankings with regular website maintenance.

The 3 types of website maintenance I provide covers you with security patches, SSL certificates, and can defend against cyber attacks by ensuring that your two factor authentication is up to date and secure. Security breaches will be a thing of the past, and in a worst case scenario I keep track of all your back ups so you never have to worry about down time.

I build all of my packages based on a long term relationship with my clients. After two decades in the industry I will keep your website up to date and running smoothly for decades to come. As a business owner you deeply understand how difficult it is to find a cost effective solution and reliable solution to update your web pages. That's where I come in!

I help you with every task, from front-end design and content, to back-end development, my services save time by eliminating time consuming and often difficult tasks from your plate!

I look forward to working with you!