One of the top questions I get from freelancing students is, "How do I earn money freelancing fast?"




One of the top questions I get from freelancing students is, "How do I earn money freelancing fast?"

Here are the 3 Steps I use to earn money freelancing and get high paying freelance jobs:

  1. Repetition

    - Pitch 20-40 clients per day.

  2. Progression

    - Move your brand forward daily.

  3. Demonstration

    - Show proof of your skill every day.


Pitch 20-40 clients per day

Any experienced salesperson will tell you that picking up the phone and dialing, sending out cold emails, and making daily connections works. There's no secret to becoming a successful freelancer here. Just connecting with potential clients daily to advance your freelancing career.

You can mix up these pitches, too. They don't have to all be in one place. Send 5-10 proposals on Upwork, 5-10 connection requests on LinkedIn, 5-10 freelance job applications on job boards of your choice, and 5-10 cold emails.

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Make more money freelancing by making more connections

What you're aiming at is making connections with clients on an individual level, don't just jump into their DM's; tell them what you do, then leave. Connect with them, find something in common that you can talk about, and build a relationship with your potential clients.

Trust me, when you do this enough, these potential clients will eventually ask you what you do, and if you can help them, great! If you can't help them at the moment, tell them about your 5-10% affiliate commission when they refer business to you.

Your freelance career will increase when you help potential clients first

Always remember the adage, "one hand washes the other." Ask yourself, "how can I give potential clients something so valuable they will want to buy from me?" Your freelance business depends on adding repetition to your daily system to get more freelance projects.


Move your brand forward daily

Making money freelancing online can be challenging, but you can reduce clients' resistance to working with you by continually working on your brand daily. This is what I call "kicking the can down the road."

Make money freelancing by developing each piece of your brand 1% better per day

Whether you are working on your online course, social media marketing, or fine-tuning pitches for your prospective clients, it doesn't matter. Choose something you are motivated to work on today that can move the needle 1% forward. In a few months, you'll be almost 100% better.

Fine-tune your freelance talent to turn freelancing into a full time job

The more fine-tuning you do, the higher your conversion rate will be. When you're first starting, it may take 1,000 pitches before someone has enough faith in your skill to exchange money for your time.

With each new project and each new adjustment you make, you'll increase your conversion rate, this is called "conversion rate optimization." Make minor adjustments daily to give prospective clients a better experience.

Spend 30 minutes to 1 hour per day making your brand more appealing to potential clients

Ask yourself daily, "What can I do today to help me get more freelance jobs?" Then work on that task for 30 minutes to an hour, publish it, and repeat this tomorrow, and the day after, for the life of your freelance career. I promise if you do this 7 days a week for years, you will see your success grow exponentially, and you will be turning down projects in no time.

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Show proof of your skill every day

It doesn't matter if you're a freelance graphic designer, leaning towards web development, or want to be one of the many virtual assistants out there. Clients always want the same thing. They want to reduce the risk and save time. Regardless of the freelance work you decide to do, your job is to make your clients' lives easier.

Make money online by making clients' lives easy

You will earn online as a freelancer when you make your clients' lives easier. Small business owners wear many hats, and so should you as a freelancer. Ensure you can sell the project, fine-tune your project management, and deliver a great project. You're bound to succeed as a freelance writer, designer, developer, or any other profession of your choice!

How can you prove your skill to your prospective client?

Ask yourself daily, "What can I do to prove to my prospective clients that I can do the job?" An excellent way to do this is to go back to step 1 above and analyze the responses you receive. What are your clients asking you for? If you're not able to give them what they want, you need to refine your skills, whether in graphic design, freelance writing, or as a web designer, to prove that you can do the freelance work.

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3 Steps to Faster Freelance Income

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