The ecommerce universe is far from similar to what we see at a retail store or a supermarket. In a retail store, it's merely impossible to add items in your cart and leave it right there to run out abruptly from the place and never come back! However, in ecommerce shopping websites, cart abandonment is more than a popular scenario. 

Honestly, it is beyond frustrating for a virtual retailer to deal with cart abandonment. And you can hardly do anything to ensure that none of your viewers runs away without making a purchase. But you can do something to reduce cart abandonment and recapture your customers right back! How? Watch out here.

Why Customers Abandon Their Shopping Carts?

Before heading for a solution, it is necessary to address what goes wrong with the customers that they add items in the cart and leave the website without taking a step ahead. Statistics reveal that the average rate of cart abandonment is about 68%, which is pretty high. Let's scratch the surface and find out why customers abandon carts.

  • High shipping cost is a shock to the customers
  • Some of them are here for virtual window shopping
  • Some customers leave after finding a better deal on other websites
  • Customers are skeptical about buying online
  • The buying process seems too taxing to proceed with

10 Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment and Recapture Customers

However, here is a list of 10 practical ways to ensure that your ecommerce website can successfully reduce cart abandonment and recapture customers. Read on.

1. Increase the Customer's Faith

The first step from your end is to gain the faith of your customers. Get an SSL certificate for your ecommerce website or renew one if required. Your consumers will get to know through their browser if the website shows warning messages. Moreover, get your website verification logos from trusted security tools.

2. Reduce any Unexpected Costs

Most customers abandon their shopping carts due to unexpected costs like shipping costs. So, to reduce cart abandonment for pricing, keep the shipping cost transparent while customers browse products. You can also provide your customers with an estimated shipping cost value to avoid any later surprises. 

3. Notify Your Customers about their Cart Abandonment

If a customer leaves a cart without making the purchase, don't leave it there. Add tools to your website to send personalized notifications to the customer to remind them of the abandoned cart. A timely reminder will draw the customer's attention right back. One wildly effective way is to add a discount code with the customer's name, making the e-mail follow-up a personalized experience.

4. Options to Create Guest Account

Allow customers to guest shop from your ecommerce site. If your website terms tell them to register or download the app and be a member before purchasing, the process might not proceed further. Customers prefer a seamless purchase procedure without investing much time in creating an account.

5. Interact with Your Customers

Customer interaction is necessary to build a trusted relationship with your buyers. Once a customer leaves a cart full of items without purchasing them, reach out to them through message asking why they left it there. Don't wait for an autogenerated message forward. It's always good to interact directly with customers.

6. Understand the Customer Behaviours

Through Google Analytics, you can track customer behaviour. If cart abandonment is turning into a trend on your website, there is probably something wrong in the pipeline. It can be the issue of your strategy or some technical glitch that is prohibiting your conversion rate. So, through analytic tools, understand the customer behaviour.

7. Re-marketing

If nothing saves a cart abandonment, then you can always re-market a product through social media. Virtual platforms like Facebook uses tracking pixels to understand customer behaviour and collect data for your website. Then, you can strike ad campaigns targeting those customers who checked and added items to the cart and left without purchasing.

8. Make the Navigation Easy to Use

Simplify the buying process for your customers. They hate too many clicks while purchasing an item as it complicates the process. 25% of customers turn their back at an ecommerce website with complicated navigation. Simple navigation should comprise of these steps:

  • Choose Product
  • Add to Cart
  • Proceed to Checkout

9. Make Your Products Visually Attractive

A customer turns skeptical about buying something they cannot view properly. Therefore, feature your products with high-quality images that look aesthetically pleasing to the eye of the customer. Also, make sure all the details and specialties of the product are visible enough for the customer to decide.

10. Use Product Reviews

People look for customer reviews before buying a product. Hence, you must design your ecommerce website with visible customer reviews. Honest reviews will earn you more customers in your way, and they'll not leave carts abandoned.


These are the ten ways you can follow, effectively minimize cart abandonment, and recapture customers for your ecommerce website.

10 effective methods to stop cart abandonment.

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