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Graphic Design & Branding

UI/UX Product Design

Billions of users worldwide await your App to improve their lives and build you a highly valuable business. Bring your idea to change the world to life!

Graphic Design & Branding

UI/UX Product Design

Billions of users worldwide await your App to improve their lives and build you a highly valuable business. Bring your idea to change the world to life!


Hear what my clients are saying.

Morgan Hipworth

Scott always goes the extra mile to make sure that all briefs are done quickly and to the highest quality - we love working with him! We gave Scott a very difficult task, and he came back to us with some great suggestions. His availability and communication were great.

Kyra Longford

Scott was a pleasure to work with - high quality of work, prompt response, and frequent communication. He is open to feedback, and I am more than thrilled with the final product. I highly recommend Scott as a graphic designer!

Alexander Shlaferman

Scott's work is fantastic - lots of freelancers have a nice portfolio of their work but when it actually comes to delivery, fall far from expectations. Not Scott - if you like his portfolio, then you'll be pleasantly surprised by the caliber of his work and concepts.

Pamela Moulton

We have been working with Scott for over two years now and he never disappoints. Very creative and really gets it, and us. Too many projects to mention have been hit completely out of the park by Scott. Always great turnaround!

Sarah Georges

Scott does excellent work and follows feedback well. We have worked with him on multiple projects and are always happy with what he delivers.

Naomi Kliger

Scott works efficiently and offers awesome recommendations outside of our existing scope of work, excited to continue working together!

Creatibly is your creative digital agency for your user experience, user interface design, and user research to bring your SaaS App to life!

As your user experience agency responsible for research, planning, and digital design of your Apps user interfaces, we have created hundreds of successful projects with thousands of hours of experience.

What does your UI/UX project include?

Whether you choose the Starter or Enterprise package, when you hire Creatibly as your UI UX design agency, you get a full-service digital agency to design your App from the first pixel to the ready-for-development design system.

Starter UI/UX Design Package

  1. 1 hour consultation
  2. 20 screens of UI UX design
  3. Exportable files in Adobe XD format

Advanced UI/UX Design Package

  1. 15 hours of consultation
  2. User Journey Page with 20 steps
  3. 20 screens of UI UX design
  4. 20 page design system
  5. Exportable files in Adobe XD format

Enterprise UI/UX Design Package

  1. 50 hours of consultation
  2. User Research
  3. User Journey Map with 50 steps
  4. 50 screens of UI UX design
  5. 30 page design system
  6. 20 page dashboard design
  7. Exportable files in Adobe XD format

UI UX Design for Pepelwerk App Light and Dark Mode

What is the process for designing my App?

User Research

The right UX design agency will always start with user research.

Interaction design depends on accurate definitions of your target user.

The design process beginning with user research, helps us build world-class digital products together by focusing on solving the problem the user is facing and helping to build a solution. It is also the very foundation of your overall digital strategy.

User Journey Planning

The next step for the user interface designer is to map the user's journey through your App to ensure that the process makes sense and is user-friendly.

With user experience designers at Creatibly, you get a creative design team and design company combined with UX research and UX strategy. By absorbing all product development tasks, we ensure a successful design of your digital SaaS product.

User Experience Design

The next step is User Experience Design or UX Design, followed by User Journey Planning. This is where we take executive design decisions armed with research, usability testing results, and data analytics within your industry of operation.

This is where we differentiate ourselves from other agencies. We don't simply strive for pretty user interfaces or mobile apps. We find, compile and analyze relevant data points that help us identify to solve the user's problems the right way. Creatibly is a digital design agency; each element of that digital design solution gets the love and attention it demands.

Our thorough and detailed UX design is at the heart of the product development process. This alone is enough to call us a UX agency in its own right.

User Interface Design

User Interface Design, or UI Design, is a fun one. Our Goal? To create designs that your users would want to use. This isn't fluff. We have built hundreds of products with thousands of hours into UX research and user testing.

With Creatibly as your UI Design Agency, you can be confident that every color, navigation menu style, button, toggle switch, and content being used across the app is there for a good reason, backed by an exhaustive UI and UX design process.

Project Management

As your project manager and your designer, I have the soft skills necessary to implement design thinking and design principles and analyze quantitative data and quantitative research to build a product that will capture and retain customers.

By employing human centered design into the design thinking process, our research and design processes give your SaaS product design the best chance at becoming the next big thing! Research methods include customer satisfaction from initial testing, information architecture, and product roadmap focusing on the customer journey.

With over twenty years of experience as a project manager, and thousands of projects under my belt in everything from digital product design to industrial product design, I'm well versed to help you from the first step to give you cost effective product design that stays on track at a very high level.

These systems and style guides are ever changing with often hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces. In this instance, one of my job titles is a digital asset manager once the initial design is completed, helping design and development teams get the right pieces in the right sizes and formats so they can design and develop all of the components of your business.

Product App UI UX Design System User Interface Icons

Design Systems

UI and UX designers create the apps and interfaces you see. These systems sustain them, and the ones created by Creatibly are built with scalability. This is where we future-proof your brand, app, and any products you want to roll out under the same umbrella.

Our systems are in a league of their own, far beyond the capabilities of a user interface or user experience design agency. We factor in all the brand elements, from the logo to the brand colors, brand identity, fonts, paragraph setting, and line heights down to the pixel they occupy. With this high degree of attention to detail, Creatibly enables your app to move across display types quickly. In addition to the current system, these systems are built with modification in mind. So tomorrow if you want to introduce a new feature or a season-specific alert, it's almost child's play to assemble the required, on-brand creative solutions.

This system isn't only for your UI or UX designers but a highlight creative resource for all departments across your business. Sales decks are done. Marketing creatives, done. Personal branding for employees, you guessed it, done!

Product App UI UX Design System Dark Mode

Product App UI UX Design System Light Mode

Dashboard Design

What's next? Dashboards. Almost a staple for any digital product, our dashboards make it simple for your to run your business. No split data sets across multiple tracking sites, one consolidated dashboard with insights that matter to you.

Everything we have worked on up until this point still applies to your dashboards. This time the user is you and your employees meaning their user experience matters to us. The data is extremely valuable for your growth and the right representation of that data is highly valuable to us.

Creatibly believes business software deserves the same degree of attention to detail as frontend user software does. This becomes apparent in our interactive, live dashboards.

Product Designer UI UX Dashboard Design

Frequently Asked Questions about UI/UX Product Design for Apps

What does a product designer do?

Digital product designers straddle the line between a programmer and an artist, often combing a collection of skillsets from both. You would find product designers working at user experience and user experience design agencies and also internally within product design teams at large firms.

They are pivotal to building any software, mobile apps, or websites. They don't always develop the solutions they design but should have an understanding of the development process as they are responsible for developing interfaces that can be developed. This type of work requires a collection of programming, graphic design, and user experience skills.

In a traditional hierarchical structure, they answer to product managers and are kept on track by project managers. Mobile app development is virtually impossible with a good product designer at its helm.

What is product design?

Product design is a discipline of disciplines, one being the process and the other being the mindset. This is something that any UI and UX design firm must understand. At their very core, product design required product thinking and a holistic problem-solving mindset that can be applied to a practical solution. This goes beyond the ability to design, and define frameworks, or having the ability to beautify a product.

What's a product thinking mindset, you ask? At its very core, a product is an offering that a business sells. This mindset means that you question the very purpose of the product, why it exists, and what it needs to do, and then use these learnings to serve the user's needs. All the bells and whistles of UI and UX design come later. Every design decision, from the padding around a button to the relationship between the pages, should have a clear objective behind it. These decisions are then prioritized and implemented through design. The cardinal features of an app are always front and center while the rest are split across pages. Think of Instagram after TikTok started dominating the short-form content game. They didn't just copy the exact product offering but placed the reels button front and center within their app, giving the boot to the post button that had lived there. They wanted to move user attention towards this addition, a space they really wanted to be in. This business sense is critical for any product design endeavour.

Top UI and UX design agencies understand this very well and often have a strong discovery framework wherein they learn about your business objectives and create solutions that support these objectives, rather than putting together something based on assumptions.

Next is the holistic approach to problem-solving. This is like having the Eye of Sauron directed toward your users, and their problems, then defining those problems and seeking design opportunities to solve them. Think of a problem that affects you or someone you know and is experienced by a group of people at large. What is that problem, is it a possible issue that warrants a solution, and lastly how can you fix or mitigate that problem with a design solution?

Design thinking is one of the popular frameworks to understand your users, define their problems, ideate solutions for them using prototypes, and then user testing these to find pitfalls within the solutions. Beyond the design thinking framework, a product designer must also have a clear vision and potential roadmaps for a product, which is a list of all problems that you can solve for your users.

All this work is required prior to shipping your app or web design projects but this isn't a linear process that ends when you ship, but rather an iterative one. All of the stages from UX research point and up need to be revised on a need basis, followed by prototyping, usability testing, and then finding a better solution for the same or a new problem. This requires a degree of ingenuity that comes with the product thinking mindset.

When looking at job descriptions for product designers, one can find a whole bunch of skill sets as a requirement. Putting these skills aside, let's try to define product design by itself. We can say that product design is an iterative process of understanding the business proposition (creating monetizable value), exploring opportunities (seeing if there's demand for a solution), empathizing with customers and their problems (the UX research part of creating personas, A/B testing, usability testing, etc.), finding ideas (seeking solutions) and creating solutions (MVP, Prototypes, a full-scale product). In addition to this, since this is an iterative process, one must constantly revisit the completed solutions and address the problems or needs of the users. It is this end-to-end execution of a solution to a specific problem, which is what we call product design.

Now that we have an understanding of what product design is, you will eventually learn to appreciate the small nuances of product design. Product design as a field is full of new challenges and technologies. Even the most proficient product designers at MAANG companies and top UX design agencies are learning and uncovering something new, every single day.

What skills do product designers need?

Being a product designer requires varied skill sets which are a combination of professional and interpersonal skills.

Professional Skills

  • The professional skills of a product designer include:

  • Interaction and User Interface Design

  • Visual Design (Color Theory, Typography, Layout Design)

  • Communication/Articulation (Both Visual and Verbal)

  • Collaboration (With other Designers and Product Designers)

  • UX Designs (Creating Personas, Prototyping, Wireframing)

  • Efficiency

  • Decision Making (Take executive decisions based on data)

  • User Research/User Testing

  • Customer/User Focus

These are the professional skills required to be a product designer. These professional skills require a set of technical skills like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge to contribute towards development. The skillset of a designer is also valuable with regard to using Adobe Design Software and any other design and prototyping tools.

Interpersonal Skills

Product designers creating products for digital platforms combine the best prospects of a developer and graphic designers. They are intuitively creative which allows them to take charge of and innovate digital products within set guidelines. As developers and designers, they must be detail-oriented and as leaders, they must have the ability to see the bigger picture. It is also helpful to have strong communication skills, and the ability to break down tasks into small chunks to then delegate effectively.

What is the difference between UI and UX Design?

The difference between UI and UX Design can sometimes confuse simply because both skills are sought at once. The tasks associated with either of them also overlap.

The one cardinal difference between the 2 is that UI Design/Interaction Design is only focused on the visual elements that can be seen within web design or mobile apps. This includes all visual elements like splash screens, buttons, search bars, icons, navigation menus, colors, typography, layouts, etc. A UI designer or design agency is only concerned with the visual elements of design, often with all other UX design work done for them, either previously or 3rd party user experience design agencies.

UX Design however is a more complete and holistic view of any mobile app or web development project. They consider the overall digital strategy and work with individual stages of the product design process. UX Design is more receptive and aware of the overall process from the very beginning of a product. A UX designer or a UX Design Agency factors into the business goals, exploring solutions, empathizing with customers and their problems, and then revisiting these stages again as needed.

It can be said that UI Design by itself is a part of the UX Design process comprising the two stages of seeking ideas and creating solutions based on data from UX designers.

What is the difference between B2B and B2C SaaS Apps?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. This means that the software that the company provides a service to another business or individual. What separates a B2B SaaS company from a B2C SaaS company on a cardinal level is who you sell to. If the piece of software primarily empowers a business then it's a B2B SaaS company and if it empowers an individual, it's a B2C SaaS company. This means for a B2B business the buyer is another company or business while for B2C an individual will be the buyer.

Another point of differentiation can be that B2B SaaS products aides an immediate commercial output like a payroll management system or a product management tool like ClickUp or Trello. A B2C SaaS product is created with the intent of consumption and no obvious or immediate commercial output like Netflix, Duolingo, or Spotify.

Do you provide custom software development?

Creatibly prides itself on taking end-to-end ownership of the product design process. Yes, we provide custom software development services. This includes all of the work required to successfully build a functional piece of software built for your needs and requirements.

Do you provide web design and web development?

Yes, we provide web design and web development services. Creatibly will be your UI and UX agency for product development, and when it's time to take your business online, we will be your web design and web development partner as well!

As a full-service agency, we have delivered hundreds of design and development projects. We have the creative and the technical aspects covered, be it just a landing page, a full website, or a full-scale online store where your users can browse products, create carts, and checkout with ease. We can also integrate this site into your backend programs that manage stock and logistics to give your customers an all-around customer experience.

Can you market my App?

When it comes to marketing an app, there is a multitude of ways that you can go with it. At Creatibly, we offer marketing services for both Organic and Sponsored/Paid marketing methods to serve your goals and budgets.

We can help you build a marketing plan that is right for you combining various organic and sponsored methods to achieve the results that you are looking for. We can also assist with specific marketing tasks within your current marketing plan including Content marketing, Email marketing, Social media marketing, Search engine optimization (SEO), and PPC advertising.

Can you help me raise venture capital for my App?

Short answer, Yes we can! We have worked closely with startups and businesses during their pre-seed stages. Our support to them has been towards creating pitch decks and helping entrepreneurs recognize, vocalize and present their strengths. Your goal may be to raise capital from a VC firm or a private investor, and we will make sure that you and your fundraising collateral are prepared with all the firepower you need to close the deal! With pitch decks that have raised over $25 Million in outside funding, you can rest assured, that we can support your fundraising goals. We do everything we can short of walking into that investor meeting.

We work closely with you through all 9 stages of a pitch including the problem, Solution, Market, Product, Traction, Team, Competition, Financials, and Amount being raised. We are experts at scrutinizing the minutest of details and making data, make sense. Lastly, we are a UI UX design firm, after all, so we will optimize every bit of collateral from the decks, and flyers, down to the business cards and the little sticker on the lapel of your blazer!

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