Graphic Design and Branding Services

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer & Website Developer

Are you in charge of an agency, product, or brand? You need ongoing design and development at your fingertips to increase your output on a daily basis.

Graphic Design and Branding Services

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer & Website Developer

Are you in charge of an agency, product, or brand? You need ongoing design and development at your fingertips to increase your output on a daily basis.

Product Description

Hire the Top 1% of Freelance Graphic Designers and Website Developers. 

You have loads of freelance graphic design and website development projects to get done, and quoting each one individually is a pain.

Hire freelance Graphic Designer, Scott Luscombe, a freelance graphic design professional with over twenty years of experience and fifteen years of agency experience.

I seamlessly integrate with you and your existing team to get work done on a daily basis, often with a same-day turnaround time depending on the scope of the project and unlimited revisions so you can tweak it until you feel that it's perfect.

As your dedicated designer, you receive immediate attention, with replies to your questions and comments within minutes. Working in a North American timezone (EST primarily, but adaptable from West to East) means that you don't have to wait for your design requests.

How monthly graphic design and website development works:

All design and development requests included.

With my unlimited design service, your graphic design needs are met, regardless of the complexity of the work, and no limit on the type of work I can do for you included in your monthly fee:

    Start designing and developing today!

    On-demand unlimited graphic design and website development services for businesses in a rush.

    With me as your dedicated designer, you never again have to worry about turnaround time being an issue. Your business needs its design requests answered within the same day and the turnaround time measured in hours, not days.

    With pricing that is easy on your budget and your business, I integrate with you and your existing design team with ease, responding to requests as if I was in your office.

    Unlimited graphic design service is truly that, getting your graphic designs completed in a timely manner with the highest level of finish quality to keep your creative pipeline moving. No more constipated backlog of projects, just graphic design at the speed you need.

    Flat rate pricing allows your business to budget for your monthly graphic design services and never worry about an invoice sneaking up and biting you.

    I make the perfect partner for my clients, whether integrated with the business as a whole, your marketing team, design team, or developers, I've managed teams of up to 50 in agencies for over a decade and understand how to keep everyone happy and build a process with the turnaround at the forefront.

    Project Management.

    As a professional designer for over twenty years, I am adept at the complete project lifecycle, from assisting you with the initial project brief, managing the project, and producing the creative to final digital asset management of your source files.

    Ready when you are!

    Never again worry that your graphic design projects will pile up and be forgotten. With my experience, I'm excellent at maintaining strict organization.

    Complete flexibility.

    With this monthly design subscription, you have the flexibility to cancel at the end of each 30-day period, not locking you into a monthly subscription where competitors require a 1-year commitment.

    When you need me.

    I understand the ebbs and flows of business in all industries, and it's important to have a dedicated account for your graphic design services.

    Frequently asked questions:

    How do I know which monthly plan is right for my business?

    • I offer complete flexibility when choosing a subscription, so I recommend beginning the first month with the Starter package and upgrading as needed at the end of each monthly term if you feel that you require more.

    How can I pay for my monthly package?

    • Simply add the subscription to your cart by selecting a graphic design subscription and checkout as normal. I accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal.

    What ratio of Design to Development do I get for my monthly package?

    • I know that business needs change, so you're not limited to any ratio, one day you may need design, the next development, the day after search engine optimization. This plan is flexible to your needs.

    How does project management work?

    • I'm an expert in all of the major project management tools, so if you have one that you already use, I can join the team, or I can set up a project management system in Trello and manage the projects for you.

    Can anyone from my business use my subscription?

    • Of course, each account is for the business, and I'm used to working with large teams, so the more, the merrier!

    Can you join my Slack, Asana, or Jira boards?

    • Yes! With extensive knowledge of all popular team management tools, I easily integrate with any existing tools you use, no learning process is necessary, and I can be up and running the same day!

    How many revisions are included?

    • This monthly graphic design subscription includes unlimited graphic design services, which are only dependent on the number of hours in each package. I understand that projects require continual adjustment and optimization.

    How many requests can I submit?

    • Unlimited graphic design services are just that, you can submit 1 project or 1,000 projects, and the number of requests is only limited by the number of hours in your subscription.

    How is your time tracked?

    • After each design request is completed, I mark it based on the number of hours used in the project management system. For example, if I spent 3 hours on a task, and your subscription includes 15 hours, that task will be marked 3-3/15. If the second task took 2 hours, that task will be marked 2-5/15, so you can see the length of time it took me, and the number of hours remaining in the current period.


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