Creatibly has seen incredible growth over the last five years, and I want to grow with you in the future. I've been maxed out for the past few years and am looking for ways to scale my business. We've all used Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and LinkedIn services to get business.

These universal problems arise:

  1. There is too much competition
  2. There are too many spam jobs
  3. The platforms are constantly getting more expensive
  4. You have no voice, and you simply must accept changes

What if there was a better way?! Ya, I know we've all heard this before...

As the major freelance platforms compete to grow, they seek ways to monetize every interaction. Their motivations are to shareholders, not to freelancers.

I get it; I do. I pay platforms ~$50,000 annually in various commissions, subscriptions, and digital currencies to earn income. I've done this for twenty years now. You do the math.

My idea is to build a decentralized agency. We would all be under the Creatibly umbrella. We would be a community of freelancers doing work, getting paid, and reaping the rewards equitably.

The agency would be limited to a small group of freelancers, five maximum to start during the start-up phase (6 months), then only increase based on a group decision.

Clients would purchase services here on from each freelancer, just like clients can now, but instead of just me, they could also buy from you.

"You're not doing this from the goodness of your heart. You run a business. What's this going to cost?"

I want your input on what you think would work best, but here is what I'm thinking:

My proposal is merit-based profit sharing. Each project would have 10% taken off the top as commission. Based on their ranking, this 10% commission would be pooled and distributed at the end of each month amongst the freelancers. Do the most work, and you reap the most significant rewards, do the least work, and you gain no rewards (except paying a 10% commission which you're already doing).

Everyone will see what each other is producing and who the profits are being distributed to. It's simply for transparency.

Here is what each freelancer will get:

  1. Freelance Landing Page
  2. Freelancer Collection
  3. Freelancer Products
  4. Freelancer Portfolio
  5. Freelancer Blog

How do we get work?

We work together on platforms like LinkedIn to promote and recommend each other and access my LinkedIn Opportunities list, where we respond to new potential clients daily.

When one of us gets a job, that 10% commission gets distributed, so instead of worrying that someone else has gotten a job and you haven't, you will receive some of their commission with each project. When one freelancer earns, we all do.

I want to hear what you think.

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