Over twenty years, these are the 100 freelance lessons that keep my freelance graphic design business and personal life moving forward.

  1. Be a salesperson first.
  2. Clients who see you as low-risk hire you.
  3. The more proposals you send, the more you earn.
  4. Service options increase conversions.
  5. Propose three prices with every estimate.
  6. As each project ends, send three more potential projects.
  7. Inbound sales are the holy grail.
  8. Outbound sales are effective in volume.
  9. Do the best work you can; you will get better.
  10. Build a daily system of self-promotion.
  11. Build positive testimonials from customers.
  12. Don't allow negative reviews to ruin positive reviews.
  13. Learn from problems, and implement solutions.
  14. There are limitless opportunities.
  15. There is more work available that you can do.
  16. Learning comes from doing things you can't.
  17. Repetition is the most effective skill.
  18. Start copying great work, and you will understand the craft.
  19. As you grow, your goals will change.
  20. You will never "make it"; time changes perspective.
  21. Don't listen to everyone. Look for people ahead of you.
  22. Working only for money is perfectly fine.
  23. Don't just trade money for your time.
  24. The average millionaire has seven income streams.
  25. Every person should freelance.
  26. You can do what you love as a freelancer.
  27. Stable freelance is success.
  28. You stop worrying about being fired as a freelancer.
  29. The best freelancers are generalists.
  30. The best freelancers are specialists.
  31. Learn where you fit in each project.
  32. Map each project from start to finish.
  33. Learn to describe the process.
  34. Experience comes from mistakes.
  35. Be present; work now.
  36. Build a presentation and revise it often.
  37. Create a portfolio and let it grow.
  38. Tell clients to rank their references.
  39. Create more, receive more.
  40. The platform doesn't matter.
  41. You can achieve success on any path.
  42. You can only move forward.
  43. Anxiety is concentrating on the future.
  44. Depression is focusing on the past.
  45. Do your best now, and you will achieve happiness.
  46. Hard work works.
  47. Treat clients like they are your last.
  48. Clients come and go.
  49. Learn to develop lifetime value.
  50. Start your prices low, and increase them when you're busy.
  51. Sell hourly, flat-rate, and retainer-based projects.
  52. Solve a client's problem with every conversation.
  53. Don't fight bad projects; use them to set rules for the next one.
  54. You lead your clients; leaders remain calm.
  55. Balance professional skills with physical and mental health.
  56. Projects expand to fill the time they're given.
  57. Measure the length of time you can focus.
  58. You don't have to work 9-5.
  59. Takes breaks for your physical health daily.
  60. Speak to professionals about mental health weekly.
  61. Write notes to yourself; these will be valuable to others.
  62. Capability is a winding road. As you travel, you will change.
  63. Don't complain about platforms. The problem is the path.
  64. Every issue you have had, another has solved.
  65. You don't need negative people in your life.
  66. People who celebrate you are your friends.
  67. Saying "No, but I will find out how" is intelligence.
  68. You can start freelancing with a phone.
  69. Learn all mediums slowly.
  70. If you can make a dollar, you can make thousands.
  71. When a project goes right, study the success.
  72. When a project goes wrong, examine the mistakes.
  73. Find a problem, and understand the solution.
  74. Use the simplest project management tools.
  75. Communicate with your clients daily.
  76. Choose five essentials in your business.
  77. Simplify all steps, do what you like, and delegate the rest.
  78. Doubting yourself is normal.
  79. Imposter syndrome happens when you know you can do better.
  80. You will use your best work as a reference in the future.
  81. Other people will see your work and doubt themselves.
  82. Clients choose you because they see themselves in you.
  83. Everyone becomes who they are through work.
  84. If someone else has done it, you can as well.
  85. Your mind is your most fantastic resource.
  86. You're accountable for your actions.
  87. Grow your email list by giving away knowledge.
  88. Become an educator, and clients will come to you.
  89. Write down everything you know.
  90. Write down everything you can do.
  91. Write down everything you like.
  92. Purpose is the combination of knowledge, capability, and joy.
  93. Consistency creates luck.
  94. Choose the people who surround you.
  95. Negative people will pull you down to their level.
  96. Positive people will push you toward your goals.
  97. Explain what you repeatedly do.
  98. Focus on concise communication.
  99. It's not as bad as you think it is.
  100. Joy is the intersection between love and capability.

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