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Label Design

Your Label Design is often the first impression your customers have of your product. Whether they pick it up off the shelf or are scrolling on e-commerce, you want to make them stop, look, and checkout!

Graphic Design and Branding Services

Label Design

Your Label Design is often the first impression your customers have of your product. Whether they pick it up off the shelf or are scrolling on e-commerce, you want to make them stop, look, and checkout!

Product Description

A winning label design that's a real head-turner!

What is a label design and why do you need one?

Label design is a niche within packaging design. Broadly put, packaging design would include the label design, the other box, and overall unboxing experience; label design would only be designed for the label that goes on a bottle, jar, or any other form of container. In simple terms, a label design is the last/only layer of packaging design before a consumer gets to your product. This is pasted on the product with adhesive or sometimes tied with a thread or a rope.

If you have a physical product that you are trying to sell in a container or some form of outside shell, chances are you need a label design. A good product label must attract attention, inform the consumer about what is in the container, and also lay out some expectations for the results, taste, etc. Labels can exist from really large sizes to extremely small which makes it extremely challenging to design for them. Professional designers are no stranger to this and they understand the challenges label design brings with each product and industry.

If you are trying to create a great product, it's going to need fantastic product labels. A label design that attracts the viewer, effectively informs them on what it is and what they can expect if they choose to buy it. It also needs to uphold any legal requirements necessary to exist in some markets. A label is probably the most important piece of design collateral that your product and by extension, your business will have. If you have a product to sell, you need a label, there are no 2 ways about it!

Things to consider before you hire a label designer

Logos and Branding

If this isn't your first rodeo, chances are that you already have a logo and brand identity in place. If not, that's not ideal. You need a set of logos or a responsive logo design which can be used at different sizes. You may have different sizes for your product label or simply a really small pack, a responsive logo design is the surefire way to keep your brand intact when your product gets bigger or smaller. In addition to a responsive logo, you will also need a full-scale branding complete with a mission, colors, typography, tone of voice, imagery, supergraphics and more.

While you can create a label without some of the elements above, there won't be much scalability for that label as your business grows and you find yourself in a competitive marketplace.

Shape and Sizing

Not all packages are created equal. Cans and bottles of wine, are both cylindrical and contain a liquid but their labels couldn't be more different. The shape and size of the container and the label are one of the most important factors to consider in order to design labels. This would mean specifics on sizing from you or your manufacturers and co-packers for the container and the label. This would also include exploring the possibility of creating a label with a unique cut and custom dimensions, just for you that may give you an edge over your competition.


Label designs work on a variety of mediums and have virtually endless options. From Cans of Soda to Bottles of Wine, Supplements, and Personal care products, you're going to see a Label Design if you find it on the shelf or online. It needs to stand out, be unique and original, so customers stop and pick it up.

There are conventions for products and what a traditional product label should look like but when it comes to achieving an objective, there are no set guidelines. So your objectives must be in-line with what you want your target audience to do. Attract, inform and buy. With a great custom label design, all that is possible.

Images and Other Assets

Lastly, gather any and all images that you may want to use on the product. Images are a great way to make personalized labels that can't be recreated by anyone else. A product label with a logo has one piece of intellectual property but with an image, the combination is almost impossible to replicate. In the case of label design, you may seek professional designers to create graphics for you. If you have any of your own images that you'd want to have on your packaging, make sure you have high-resolution files for the same from your photographer.

The Design

As said before, label design is a discipline within packaging design, and it's vital that you create a unique and attention-grabbing in most cases. When designing custom labels for your product, you should give high priority to the user experience. Harking back to previously mentioned points, make sure that your packaging grabs attention, informs of the product, and coaxes a buying decision. The aisle or the internet, these days is a marketing and design competition, the winner gets the customer's vote. Organically people like to think they are right and your task is to reaffirm that belief by giving them something they know and understand.

Don't underplay at this stage. Unless your goal is to be a minimal and upscale product with no noise, rethink your product's merits and mention them on the packaging. Your label is precious real estate and makes sure that you use it effectively. When a ketchup bottle says that "it's made with real tomatoes", it doesn't mean that all other brands don't have real tomatoes, it means this one, has real tomatoes. In that condiments aisle, that's the one that's made of real tomatoes. Make sure you see how you can make your product the best amongst the competition, not by lying, but rather amplifying the truth. Try to seek help from your copywriting and design resources to see what you can come up with.

Finally, make sure that all the specifications and legal compliance stamps, and product facts are on the label. Each industry has different standards for packaging designs, know which ones apply to you before you even begin designing. You have enough challenges promoting and selling the product, litigation, shouldn't be one of them.

Output Processes

The file setup for custom product label design is linear and if you have a great designer, you likely have a winning design. Although there are certain aspects to consider before going to print.

Having a great label requires good synergy between your designer, your printer, and your manufacturer. A custom label design makes this even more important. In large-scale operations, it's likely that your printer and manufacturer are operating under one entity so make sure that your designer hands off all the required files for the print job, in line with the desired results. This may include special print techniques labeled in software files and a print instruction sheet that you can share with your manufacturer.

Another thing to consider, especially when working with offshore manufacturers is to do a Quality Analysis for large orders to make sure that your custom label is applied to your product that meets your expectations. With large orders there are always a few bad examples of mishandled products or labels, make sure that you work out the terms with your manufacturer to reimburse you for the same.

What is my process for Label Design?

My label design services start with an initial conversation where we build the Project Brief, and I learn more about your intentions for your label and the brand it represents. Most graphic designers and some design firms often jump right into designing the label without spending enough time researching the competitive landscape and considering brand-specific goals for your label design.

I spend the time needed to produce a professional label design that reflects your brand identity. I exhaustively scan references within and outside your niche to propose the best solutions. I then source typefaces (fonts) that correctly represent your brand and also rely on sketching to create eye-catching illustrations that enhance overall visual appeal.

Visualization for a designer is key. The label is designed on a 2-dimensional screen, and it takes a lot of in-depth knowledge to successfully design with the final 3-dimensional product in mind. That's why I use 3D mockups to create and present my designs so that you can see their real-world viability.

All of my clients have different needs for their ideal label, and I customize each process to accommodate their requests, however, below is my typical process for producing your package design:

  1. Initial Consultation

  2. Project Brief

  3. References

  4. Sketches

  5. Material Research

  6. Design

  7. Review

  8. Revision

  9. Approval

With Label Designs which have helped products sell over 27 million units in a single brand, Creatibly is your service provider for Label which will help your product become a fantastic success. We design perfect Labels for your consumer packaged goods.

The 3 types of Label Design Services

Main Label Design

  • Label Design

  • Sizes up to 12" x 12" and any shape 

  • Full Color

  • 1 Concept and 1 Revision

  • Print-ready Files

Secondary Label Design

  • Label Design for your series of products

  • Perfect for additional flavors and SKUs with the same branding

  • 1 Concept and 1 Revision

  • Print-Ready Files

Revise Label Design

  • Just need a tweak? This is for you!

  • Up to 5 Revisions

  • Print-Ready Files


How do you design a label?

Designing a label from scratch is an arduous process. Here are some basic steps that will help you take a blank canvas to a fully functional label: Use the best available tools, add in all the necessary information, think about the container, use consistent logos and branding, make the logo clear and readable, leave adequate white space and lastly, use at least one decorative element. These are some good tips to create an effective label design. Its highly recommended that you use professional design templates or work with a designer for your packaging label design.

What makes a good label design?

Good label designs are subjective as what may be good for one product might not function for another. The point of sale is a marketing and design contest, which means the brand with the best combination of both will win. Customers tend to assume that they know what's best and the label that reaffirms their knowledge and ideas usually makes the sale.

What is the difference between packaging design and label design?

Packaging design focuses on the entire appearance of the product, which means the container, boxes, unboxing experience, and label. Label design is primarily concerned with the product description and specifics about its quantity, ingredients, and user expectations. You may find these being interchangeably used in some cases.

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