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Flyer Design

Expand your business and engage new customers with our flyer design services! An excellent communication tool to get in touch with prospects! 

Graphic Design and Branding Services

Flyer Design

Expand your business and engage new customers with our flyer design services! An excellent communication tool to get in touch with prospects! 

Product Description

A professional flyer design that's a conversation starter.

What is a flyer, and why should you consider one?

Simply put, a flyer is a single sheet of paper containing printed text and minimal imagery generally used to advertise a product, service, or event. A flyer is a poster that you hand out. With the text being the highlight, its primary focus is to convey one single piece of information clearly and concisely. A flyer can get your customer to either do something or remember your brand after they've done something.

In the age of the smartphone, screen fatigue is a real thing. With more and more people being bombarded with texts and emails, a real conversation is missing from everyday interactions. When you or your sales staff approach someone in a city center, a flyer can be a great tool to spark conversation with potential customers. A custom flyer with a good salesperson is a sublime combination in a physical setting!

They can use the flyers to reach target audiences directly by handing them out on the street or dropping them in mailboxes. With your custom flyers with one-of-a-kind designs, you ensure that your prospect listens to what you have to say, is interested, and willing to know more.

What do I need before I hire a flyer designer?

It may seem that you don't require much when you create a flyer and a good flyer is just a few clicks away however, some essentials go into the making of professional flyers. Here are some of the non-negotiable inputs:

Brand guideline

A brand kit or guideline is often the starting point to create flyers that stand out and serve your brand rather than leaving your customer confused. A brand kit would ideally contain company logos with usage directions, brand colors, typography (fonts), and tone of voice for your brand. This gives the flyer creator an understanding of what's creatively possible without diluting your brand. Flyers sometimes use loud colors and jagged fonts to grab the audience's attention, but if you're a business selling luxury goods, most likely, that will be out of character.

Partner Assets

Flyers are often used to drum up interest and drive people to something. From a business promotion perspective, this can mean working with other brands that are out there. An example would be the use of partner organization logos in a flyer for a fundraising campaign even if it is your flyer, and it's always good to see what logos you can use to borrow credibility. These can be logos from brands you work with or a financing partner. Do consider the legal permissions before you use any logos but your own.


A good flyer is only content on it. With the text being an integral and rather the "hero" component to making a flyer, attention-grabbing and converting copywriting is cardinal to its success. Working with a skilled marketing copywriter, you can write effective conversion content. Good content writing here would be a mix of an informative and exciting copy. Something that grabs the audience's attention and then keeps it till they get to the call to action. The CTA should be easy to understand and easy to act on. These can be; scanned to know more, visit XYZ on Instagram for exclusive offers, etc. Last is contact information and social media handles.


Flyers are visual collateral, and eye-catching images are a crucial part of them. When you add images, you should be very strategic with what you want to place on the flyer. A high-resolution background image may seem like a good idea but will take away from your messaging. For product-based businesses, an image of your product SKU would be great. Under all circumstances, it is advisable that you use your images and not resort to free images. Although for flyer designs for an upcoming event, you may not have any related photos. You can get high-resolution stock images if you don't have any of your photos. Don't use free stock images since they are generally vague and overused. Paid assets are often very affordable and still unique.

The Design

Good design skills are critical to any marketing collater's success. This gets more amplified for flyers because the time for the viewer to see the flyer and act on it is very little. With the distribution points being generally crowded, the action should be instant. They should either follow the contact information or, at the very least, stuff the flyer in their pocket to get to it later. Designers are problem solvers, and given your intent. They will deliver professional flyers and advice on how to best get your customer into the store, onto Instagram, etc. Flyers are often distributed with something else, like a pop-up shop or a selfie spot. The designer can also provide you with the flyer and professionally designed templates for other aspects of your business.

When hiring a designer, look for credentials in marketing collateral design. Suitably in small one-off designs like brochures, flyers, and social media design. They must understand concise communication and, as your flyer creator, know how to do it right for your business. The finished flyer should look like something designed for you by someone who knows and understand what you do. Their portfolio should contain examples of bespoke and custom designs without using a flyer template.

Free flyer templates may work to save money and time, but they are uninspired when it comes to acting on something. The flyer template doesn't know that you intend to distribute them outside your store, a couple of blocks from your designer boutique, or in a different part of town altogether. An online flyer maker will give you one good template but nothing in the design experience. If cost is a significant consideration, you can find the best free flyer maker, but you're still better off with someone on the other end of your design.

Output Processes

You and your designer have delivered as promised! Maybe you found just the right template from the sea of flyer templates on the web. Congratulations! To make a flyer that's unique and bespoke; WOW! The next logical step seems like going to print and get your sales team on their toes. Before you do that, there are a few things to consider.

First, request your designer to provide you with mockups. There's no greater affirmation than seeing your own flyer in its intended setting. These can be town squares, bus stops, or subway stations. This can be. a good way to see your flyer's appearance before printing. You can then take calls on text-based edits or if there's a need to crop images and enlarge them.

When printing your flyer designs or flyer templates, there are some considerations for paper. Usually an indicator of quality, the intent plays a significant role here. For large quantities to be handed off in the street, a cheaper paper makes much sense to meet the scale and get an ROI on the effort. For mail-based flyers or public placement, slightly higher quality with structural integrity is recommended.

What is my process for Flyer Design?

Working with Creatibly gives you the confidence to get what you want with your Flyer Designing and Printing Services. You get a custom flyer that stands out amongst the noise in and Sunday markets!

All projects start with an initial consultation to understand your exact goals, wants, and needs. Once we have your details, you then receive your Design and make any revisions you would like. Once you have approved the Design, we will send you the digital and print-ready files.

Creatibly will design and print your flyers, giving you an excellent marketing tool that makes an impact. With all the critical elements, I design your flyers with the intent to act immediately and leave a lasting impression on your potential clients and customers.

We sweat the details, so you don't have to. Your project includes:

  • 8" x 8", 8.5" x 11”, and 11" x 17” sizes to choose from

  • Full Color on Both Sides

  • Horizontal or Vertical Orientation


What is a flyer format?

The standard size for flyers is the letter size; that's 8.5” x 11” in the US. Overseas, A4 size paper is extremely popular, it's similar in dimensions to a letter format. Smaller sizes can also be considered. Their pocketability and lower printing cost make them attractive options. You can find professionally designed templates for the standard sizes.

What should a flyer look like?

A flyer should be a short and concise piece of marketing collateral. The flyer should contain high-quality images with enough contrast between text and images to ensure readability. A flyer should be like a poster you hand off, so the intent is still to attract attention and guide the viewer's eye through the page to the CTA.

What is used to design flyers for events?

You can use a wide set of resources to create a flyer or hire a designer. Adobe Illustrator and Indesign are the best software to create flyers. Adobe itself has an extensive library of beautiful event flyer templates to choose from. For a nondesigner, an online flyer maker can be considered. For events, the details are extremely important. Time, location, attire, etc. The choice of imagery and graphics will also be critical to driving the viewer through the flyer, from what it is to where and when it is.

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