Graphic Design and Branding Services

Customer Acquisition, Explainer, and Social Video Production

Customer acquisition with video marketing using personalized content and ads turn potential customers into existing customers, making video an essential tool in your marketing strategy.

Graphic Design and Branding Services

Customer Acquisition, Explainer, and Social Video Production

Customer acquisition with video marketing using personalized content and ads turn potential customers into existing customers, making video an essential tool in your marketing strategy.

Product Description

Inexpensive but highly effective customer acquisition videos, explainer videos, and social media videos for your brand.

What are the services you provide for Video Production:

With over twenty years of experience developing video campaigns for start-up hero brands to global powerhouses, I also offer a wide range of audio and video production services, including:

  1. Audio and Video Production

  2. Explainer Video Production

  3. Video Production

  4. Music Videos

  5. Motion Pictures

  6. Post Production

  7. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok Videos

  8. Audio and Video Production Management

  9. Stock Music and Sound Design

  10. Voice Over and Audio Editing

With a track record of highly creative campaigns, my job responsibilities include this vast array of audio and video production services.

What is the process for Audio and Video production?

We have all of the audio and video production equipment you require to build incredible video content for your product or service:

  1. Concepts

  2. Storyboard

  3. Video Production

  4. Audio Production

  5. Retouching and Color Correction

  6. Final Output

Product Design, Packaging Design, and Graphics for Wallet Ninja Video Production

Frequently asked questions about audio and video production:

You don't have to be the expert when aiming for your target audience; you don't even have to know who your target audience is. You simply have a product or service that needs viewers.

I help you with both Video production and Audio production, from the initial storyboard and concept to the final file ready to go live on Youtube, TikTok, your website, or any other platform of your choice.

What does an explainer video do?

Explainer videos come in all shapes and sizes, but short and to the point are always your best bet to answer the age-old questions of "What makes an explainer video engaging?" When you want to go viral and grow your TikTok social media following and YouTube Subscribers, being able to captivate your audience is critical to success.

Making explainer videos "go viral" require all of the best parts of the five key elements to every great story you have ever read:

  1. The Plot

  2. The Setting

  3. The Characters

  4. The Point of View

  5. The Climax

  6. The Conflict

  7. The Cliffhanger

Creatibly is your explainer video company can tell your story using engaging video production and audio production to leave your audience wanting more, making them subscribe to never miss an update from your business or brand.

What are explainer animation videos?

The same principles apply to explainer animation videos. As your explainer video company, Creatibly is the video producer with the recording studios and editing studios you require for outstanding pre production and post production videos.

As one of the renowned production companies helping brands large and small, we focus on your business, spending your marketing budget wisely and giving you the video content you need to stay profitable.

What is a customer acquisition video?

A customer acquisition video is the turning point in convincing your viewers to turn into customers and is an essential part of your marketing strategy and content production.

Most production companies rely on expensive equipment and methods, which just add bloat to your budget. With Creatibly as your video producer and video production company, you can rest assured that our rates are completely transparent and easy on any budget.

How do I make explainer videos?

We use a variety of tools for explainer video production, including:

  1. Adobe XD for Storyboards

  2. Adobe Illustrator for Making Visual Elements

  3. Adobe Photoshop for Color Correction and Rotoscoping

  4. Adobe After Effects for Visual Effects you see in Motion Pictures

  5. Adobe Premiere for Video Editing and Compositing

  6. Adobe Animate for 2D Animation

  7. Cinema 4D for 3D Animation

Color Correction, Animation, and Prop Design for Franke Music Videos.

How do I get cheap explainer videos?

With Creatibly as your video production company, you have come to the right place for cheap explainer videos. Well, cheap on the price that is, we pride ourselves on our high level of video production and audio production quality and aim to give you budget-friendly and highly profitable video marketing content.

How do I make educational explainer videos?

Online coaching is massive in 2022, and it will be outstanding in the future. We have all of the video equipment and video production capabilities to build your entire course from the ground up, including building the eCommerce platform to bring it all together, having students sign up, add a membership to their cart and start engaging with your content.

Here are the video production and audio production services we give you as an online coach:

  1. Course Writing

  2. Course Structure

  3. Video Recording

  4. Video Production and Editing

  5. Audio Production and Editing

  6. eCommerce Platform for Payment Processing

  7. Learning Management System integrations like Thinkific

  8. Publishing Online to Skillshare, Udemy, TikTok, and YouTube

How do I produce video content for my brand?

With Creatibly, we are your video production school, so to speak, that helps you understand the optimal equipment for your production and budget.

Whether you're an influencer looking to make a mark and build a subscriber base that you can monetize on YouTube, or an online coach wanting to develop your own school online, we can help you.

Audience engagement and site video content:

It's 2022, audience engagement with video is at an all-time high, and more and more users are relying on YouTube and TikTok over search engines to get their messages out there and build their audience.

As a brand, you must begin building video content that will engage and educate your audience. Whether you are looking for explainer video production or a video producer for all of your motion-based content, you have come to the right place!

Track engagement and site statistics to understand how our services help your audience.

Measure audience engagement

At Creatibly, we are experts in understanding how the internet works and how to measure audience engagement effectively to build a new audience or get an existing audience excited about your brand through effective video production, audio production, and sound design.

We use the proprietary analytics tools of YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to measure audience engagement and Google Search Console and Google Analytics to pinpoint what is effective and produce repeatable results for your marketing strategy.

Video content for your marketing funnel:

Whether you sell a Product or a Service, every business needs Video Content as an essential step in your marketing funnel. Explainer video production and Demo video production programs allow you to show your brand voice in a captivating way and show your step by step process to deliver the services and products to other companies and direct to consumers throughout the world.