My name is Scott Luscombe, I am a Canadian currently living in Brazil with my young son and wife. We travel between Canada and Brazil often and are regularly in different areas of the world, depending on where our business and our personal lives take us. Always aware of business and professional deadlines, I have been able to expertly manage thousands of projects throughout my over twenty years of design and development expertise.


My ability to scale with enterprise-level clients, and provide expert service to small businesses and start-up brands has led my company to expand over 778% in the past five years. Many major brands you use every day as well as many small but mighty brands trust in my guidance and application of service. Many of these small but mighty brands have gone from zero to making their mark as #1 on Amazon and Groupon. You can rely on me to produce your design and development projects as I believe in a mutually beneficial business relationship. I respect you as a business and brand owner, giving you expert service for a reasonable price.


I believe...

...you can be successful when you partner with an expert who values your brand, time, and budget.


...you can be successful when you can rely on a service provider to complete the tasks as promised.


...you can be successful when services don’t cost you more than you are earning.


...in the health of your business and personal development.


These beliefs have given me an incredible business of my own with many of my clients starting with a $50 project and growing into paying over $100,000 per year as their business has become a success. My difference is that I can recognize potential in your brand and assist you in your success. I provide you with services that will set you on a path to your goal while considering how that goal will evolve.


I am looking forward to working with you soon!


Scott Luscombe

“That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season, and whose leaf does not wither - whatever they do, prospers.”