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Address: 37 Wineva Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. M4E 2T1
Phone: (905) 550 5023

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Dear Hiring Manager

With my extensive design, illustration and development background I believe that I will be a great addition to your team. I will be able to provide an extended range of skills that you will find extremely useful.

I have mastery of the Adobe Creative Suite software as well as knowledge in 3D software and development languages. I use numerous other pieces of software including Microsoft Office, Sketch and iPad Apps to present the ideas and concepts to my clients.

My design education and work experience covers the complete range of design disciplines including typography, grid systems, visual hierarchy, wireframing, color, white space and visual balance.

I greatly appreciate your time reviewing my work and look forward to working with you in the very near future.

Thank you,

Scott Luscombe

Salary + Employment

With the changing landscape of the design industry many options are available for hiring me. My clients choose to select from either contract (per project or for a particular time frame) or salaried. Here are my expectations for salary and employment:

Salary: $90,000-150,000 depending on role and responsibilities. 

Contract: $45-100/hour depending on role and responsibilities.

For example Senior Designer with non-management, non-presentation responsibilities would be $90,000 ($45/hour), Creative Director with team, project management and presentation responsibilities would be $150,000 (up to $100/hour).


In 2001 I graduated from Sheridan College in Oakville, completing the 3-year Illustration Diploma where I focused on Advertising Illustration and Design.


With two decades of experience, I have launched more than 100 brands with an average market representation of 20 million units per year. Prior to founding my freelance business Creatibly, I was a Creative and Art Director for many North American advertising agencies for 10 years where I won numerous print design and product design awards. My career began with a lucky break when I was 16 after being contacted by Fox Sports. Shortly after that project ignited my love for design and illustration I completed a 3-year Diploma in Illustration from Sheridan College, specializing in Advertising Illustration and Design.

In 2017, I appeared on Season 11 - Episode 12 of The Dragons’ Den, where I received offers from four out of the five Dragons, including Jim Treliving, Michele Romanow, Joe Mimran and Michael Wekerle. I ended up beginning due diligence with Jim Treliving but upon further review decided to sell the brand outright to a new buyer.

Work Experience

Over the course of my career I have worked on hundreds of projects for many clients from small start-ups, advertising agencies, multinational corporations, charities and government agencies. Here are examples of the range of work I have done. 

Role: Designer + Illustrator
A publicly traded mobile and internet provider, Ting is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with numerous locations around North America. My role is in the design and illustration of their print, web, and online advertising collateral. I manage hundreds of their projects and coordinate with their Canadian and U.S. offices in order to maintain their brand standards and communicate their ideas and offerings in a clear and concise manner.

Canadian Cancer Society
Role: Designer + Illustrator
For 5 years I have been a designer of record for this charity. My main role is to design and illustrate their brand identities for their charitable events and gatherings. I use Adobe Illustrator for all of their brand identity illustrations and maintain their brand standards to make each brand reflect the Canadian Cancer Society.

Role: Creative Director + Illustrator
Working with Nickelodeon's New York office I produced a full range of licensed products and packaging for the Super Looper. This line included all packaging, illustration, POP and POS displays, posters, and video. I managed all of the projects for this new product launch and coordinated assets with the licensee and licensor in order to respect each brand's guidelines and produce a successful project.

Nestlé® Nescafe®
Role: Art Director + Illustrator
I have worked with Nestlé® and Nescafé® brands including their confectionery, ice cream, and baby brands for many years. Notably I completed the launch of the new Nescafé® brand and the print collateral that accompanied it. Working with their marketing department and an advertising agency I won a print design award for the design and illustration of one of their most successful launches to date.

Dawg Grillz™
Role: Creative Director + Developer
This is a dog toy brand that I created which I recently sold after appearing on Dragons’ Den and receiving offers from four out of five Dragons. I built this brand from the ground up including all product design, engineering, branding, packaging, sell sheets, POS and POP displays, e-commerce, social media, manufacturing and distribution. Within 1 year I built the brand to be valued at over $150,000 using Instagram as the sole marketing platform.

Wallet Ninja®
Role: Creative Director + Developer
With this brand I have designed all of the components including the packaging, product, sell sheets, line extensions and e-commerce. I also represent the product in the Canadian market through retail and distribution centers that I have developed. This product has exceeded 11 million units per year and has been #1 on Groupon® and top 5 on Amazon®.

Role: Art Director + Developer
For 2 years I re-designed the main site and built out many of the product mini-sites that were included under the Walmart® brand. Most notably I designed and development the Xbox, Halo, and Toy Story 3 product launch mini-sites. Completing this project required the project and brand management meetings between myself, Disney® and Walmart®, as well as Microsoft® and Walmart®.

Role: Creative Director + Developer
I was the Creative Director and Studio Manager for this Tampa, Florida based web design and development firm. My responsibilities included overall design of each project, development assistance, and project management. During my time at Magnetic I managed hundreds of projects in a large team environment to ensure that client changes and updates were made quickly and effectively.



  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Social media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Brand awareness

Graphic Design

  • Front end web design
  • iOS and Android Apps
  • Print design
  • Packaging design
  • Logo design
  • Tradeshows + exhibit design


  • Product design
  • Digital illustration
  • Advertising illustration
  • Traditional illustration
  • Technical illustration
  • 3D rendering


  • On-site
  • Studio
  • Product
  • Fashion
  • Retouching
  • Color correction


  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Shopify Partner
  • Product photography
  • Writing
  • Management


  • Engineering
  • 3D CAD modeling
  • Product production
  • Packaging production
  • White label services
  • Logistics


In order to complete the projects I work on I have to be an expert at many pieces of software including the ones listed here:

  • Adobe Photoshop 20 years
  • Adobe Illustrator 20 years
  • Adobe Premiere 12-14 years
  • Microsoft Office 12-14 years
  • Adobe InDesign 10-12 years
  • Adobe After Effects 10-12 years
  • HTML + CSS 10 -12 years
  • Maxon Cinema 4D, Maya and 3DS Max 10 -12 years
  • Ruby on Rails + Liquid 3-4 years


Developed over 20 years I've become very proficient in the following work related skills listed here:

  • Creative + Art Direction 20 years
  • Graphic Design, Illustration + Photography 20 years
  • User Interface + Experience 20 years
  • Web + App Development 16-18 years
  • Project + Team Management 14-16 years
  • Sales + Marketing 10-12 years
  • Social Media 10 years

Thank you!

I appreciate the time that you have taken to review my information and portfolio. My hope is that you feel that my skill set and experience match your current opening and you get in touch for an interview soon!

Scott Luscombe

Address: 37 Wineva Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. M4E 2T1
Phone: (905) 550 5023

Website • E-Mail • Facebook • Instagram