Advertising Design

Building your brand’s visual communications in order to promote your product or service in a way that resonates with a specific audience is the goal I achieve with Advertising Design. This service includes two tiers that must work together to build a consistent brand message. The first tier is traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, outdoor advertising and direct mail. The second tier is interactive advertising which includes media for newsletters, search engine marketing, display advertising on platforms such as Google, Facebook, and other social marketing channels, too blogs, vlogs, web and text (SMS) messaging.


App Design + Development

To build a great App that engages and provides a “sticky” user experience you require my experience in the design and development of the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). With User Interface design I build your App while focusing on an interface that is intuitive to use and clearly laid out. With User Experience design I develop the reason a user is using your App while also maintaining a balance of satisfaction and reward sensations to keep their attention.


Branding Design

Building an awesome brand is complex and I simplify the design down to it’s essence that represents your look and feel. Considerations I use to design your brand include everything from the colors that resonate with your audience, a memorable name, an icon that works in multiple sizes and colors then combine those considerations into a timeless brand.


CAD Design + Engineering

Industrial design is a major portion of my business where I help my Product brand clients develop their initial idea into a physical object. This starts with considerations and needs that the Product is providing and balancing those needs with what is currently in the market. With this service I build the initial Product into a 3D model (CAD) and Product control board (PCB) if needed.


Copy Writing

Media and content is kind and queen, how you get noticed and communicate your brand’s message clearly and effectively is dependent on great copy writing to explain your brand’s concept to your customers.


Display Design

There are hundreds of platforms in which you can advertise on and having clear guidance on what works on what platform and to which audience is one of my areas of expertise that I execute with this service.


E-Commerce Design + Development

Selling online is an amazing opportunity and I build excellent e-commerce websites that bring in traffic and convert them at a very high rate. You and I discuss which platform suits your brand and goals best and I design and develop it with longevity and sustainability in mind.


Graphic Design

My process of visually communicating your brand’s message through the use of typography, photography and illustration has been refined over thousands of projects. This is one of the core offerings I give you in order to make your brand stand out in the crowd.



From technical illustrations for packaging die-lines, industrial design and mapping to advertising and editorial illustrations featured on mediums from online channels to print media. This is where everyone laughs at me when I say “I draw pictures for a living.” My education from Sheridan College in Illustration has paved the way to award winning illustrations for brands large and small.


Packaging Design

The look and feel of packaging on retail shelves is the major driver of consumer purchasing. My goal is to have your brand’s product stand out and be picked up by the customer with various strategies used for Point of Sale and Point of Purchase.


POS + POP Display Design

Point of Sale (POS) and Point of Purchase (POP) require separate strategies to encourage user interaction and initiate the sale. Whether your retailer requires displays large or small I can complete the industrial design, display design, printing, manufacturing and assembly instructions.


Product Design

Building great products is my specialty, from small consumer packaged goods to large goods I can complete the initial industrial design, material selection, packaging considerations, manufacturing and distribution.



Before your product goes to market I complete the initial prototyping from the first 3D printed model to get an idea of the overall shape and size to a refined pre-production final that you can test for functionality and durability.



I regularly build websites on the Shopify platform, whether the website requires e-commerce functionality or not it’s a great platform that offers you 24/7 support and low cost. I can build you a complete solution with a ground up design and development of your custom website or a theme based site that can be completely in as little as 8 hours.



A very popular and open source platform Wordpress has become a standard for website builds of all kinds and I can help design, develop and deploy your new Wordpress site. You can choose from either a completely custom design and development process or a theme based design and development process to save you time and budget.