Affiliate Marketing

Passive income is a portion of your portfolio that cannot be overlooked, and with affiliate marketing you have the power to monetize your large social audience with brands that are looking for access to new traffic sources. Whether you are a brand or an influencer I can make the appropriate connections to develop and deploy your marketing plan.


Amazon + Google Shopping

A home site is not the only way to leverage e-commerce sales, many platforms such as Amazon and Google offer you and your brand access to a wide range of customers who are already shopping. These platforms are no longer “nice to haves,” they are “must haves.” Products I have worked with have been in the top 5 on Amazon and number 1 on Groupon. Whether you are looking for Google Shopping, Amazon Seller or Vendor Central, Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), and/or Amazon Storefront I can help.


Block Chain

The new keyword in what’s hot on the internet is the decentralized platform known as Block Chain. This platform is excellent for distributing digital assets, currencies and apps without having to pay a portion of your sales to a specific platform.



Being an expert in your field and developing content to match that drives traffic and sales I can build out your blog content in a professional manner that gets noticed to potential customers who are searching for what you deliver.


Content Marketing

There are now hundreds of platforms that can house your content, knowing which one works specifically for your industry is key to spending your marketing budget wisely. I can assist you in building a strategy that works for you on the platforms that works for your brand.


Display Advertising

Building a cohesive brand story through visual advertising on the display ad network is a specialty of mine. I have built many brands’ visual story through enticing display ads that drive traffic and convert sales.


E-mail Marketing

There are numerous platforms available to deploy your e-mail marketing strategy from. Many tools such as Mail Chimp, Klaviyo and Constant Contact are options you can select from. I produce the content and writing to increase the open and click rates for your collected e-mail list. Effective e-mail marketing strategies include contact points from the initial welcome e-mail to on-going e-mail offer communications, abandoned cart e-mails and milestone e-mails. Knowing what, when and how to use these platforms and generate content for them are specialties of mine.


Influencer Marketing

I have built brands that utilize any size audience, from brand new accounts to established accounts with well over 250,000 followers I can provide professional connection and negotiation with influencers in your product space.


Network Marketing

Whether you are the sole salesperson in your business and you’re looking to branch out with a new sales team or are an established multilevel marketing business I can put the strategy in place and connect you with new talent in order to grow your base.


Business to business (B2B)

If you have a great product or service I can help you get in front of the right people to grow. With a large network of distributors I can place your product in hundreds of stores. I currently sell thousands of units per month and represent my current client base in large retail store chains.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

Navigation what platform and what strategy is best for your brand can be difficult, I simplify that process with extensive experience and professional guidance on where to advertise and what you should be paying.


Retail + Distribution

With my connections to distributors and thousands of products sold I have built a name for myself with trusted brands and on-shelf success in hundreds of stores worldwide. The products I represent have been distributed in over 30 countries representing millions of units. Have an awesome product that hasn’t gotten as much traction as you would like? I’d love to hear from you!


Search Engine Optimization

My strategies with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) go far beyond the typical sales pitch you get spammed with daily in your inbox. The content based strategy I use is vastly more effective at driving converting traffic than any other source.


Social Media Marketing

The shopping experience is changing, and adapting to the new landscape of what’s available is incredibly important in realizing the potential for your brand. I personally populate all of your content and contact the right influencers to get your brand in front of the people that are going to use it.


Video Marketing and Vlogging

Being the media company for your industry is now a must when it comes to building brand loyalty and purchasing. These projects require you to truly own your brand and portray its vision. Camera shy? I find the right people to consistently deliver content to your customers that will bring them back for more.