Scott Luscombe
Creative & Technical Director

With over twenty years of design, development, and marketing experience I can guide the way to a successful brand.

During my career I have worked with, and personally built many of the brands you use every day. I work with a wide range of enterprise clients in the consumer packaged goods industry, tech, and finance. My ability to handle the entire pipeline of your project is a major advantage for your brand.


From a young age I wanted to draw pictures for a living, and I am incredibly fortunate to be able to work in an industry that had always attracted me.

My passion for art, illustration, design, animation, and talking to computers through code started early. Teachers in my High School identified this, and I was able to move through this stage of my life and into Sheridan College of Art & Animation early.

During my years at Sheridan College I was thrown into the deep end of talent and learned the incredibly valuable skill of hard work. Working with amazing brands for over twenty years has taught me that skill is only one small portion of the success equation.

  • Sheridan College of Art & Animation
  • 9 Design Awards Won
  • 2 Illustration Awards Won
  • Appeared on CBC's The Dragons' Den
  • 15 Years of Technical Direction


As a full-stack Creative Director, I give you the confidence knowing that I can deliver any aspect of your brand’s art, technology, and business needs. Stepping beyond my traditional role of a Graphic Designer or Web Developer I can lead or assist with all aspects of your brand.

I have a wide range of clients from brands in the initial stages of conceptual development right through to market leading global corporations. While I give all of my clients a completely fresh perspective, there are many tried and true strategies that I employ to establish a baseline for project success, from forward-thinking team communication to comprehensive project management.

As a Creative and Art Director for numerous North American advertising agencies and global brands I apply the skills I’ve learned from these businesses to every project I have completed. The constant evolution of my skills through education and embracing emerging technologies is one aspect of why I am a great fit for your brand.

At 16 years old I received my first professional project with Fox Sports where I completed Broadcast 3D modeling and animation for the NFL. This project ignited my love for the art and business fields which lead me to go on to complete a 3 Year Advertising Illustration & Design Diploma at Sheridan College.

  • 25 Years of Design Experience
  • 25 Years of Development Experience
  • 20 Years of Agency Experience
  • 15 Years of Creative Direction
  • 15 Years of Technical Direction