Deconstructing Passion and Success

History has a way of remembering passionate people;

The go-getters. The visionaries. The ones who “make things happen”.

It is these types of people that stand out from the crowd as they command a different type of energy than the average person. By taking charge and demonstrating a deep-rooted commitment to ones interests and/or values, these same characteristics reveal the key ingredient to a successful career – passion.  

Although we all have the desire to enjoy our jobs, there is a very large portion of the population that still feels displeased with their career choices. The problem here generally lies within a set of conditions that have decreased a person’s sense of personal investment towards their role. If these feelings of personal investment fall below satisfaction, it is not uncommon for feelings of detachment and decreased motivation to also emerge.

So, when it comes to designing an effective brand you can see why personal investment is so important. Feeling confident and enthusiastic about the work you will be committing a fair amount of your time to will be the leading source of motivation when it comes to persistence, performance and engagement.

If you are finding yourself unsure of what you are passionate about – do not despair! There are many people out there who have still not found the right niche for making their interests profitable. A great tip to help you identify what interests you is to think back to former hobbies and peak moments from your past. These moments can sometimes reveal patterns and preferences that you have never thought about from the perspective of a career opportunity!

You can reflect on these memories by asking yourself questions such as:

- What did I enjoy doing as a child?
- When am I having the most fun?
- What do I most enjoy talking about?
- What do I most enjoy reading about?
- If given the choice, how would I like to be spending my time?

Exploring further into these potential “passions” will help give you an idea of what you enjoy doing as well as what you might want to avoid. You can experiment with different interests through volunteering, internships and even by simply reaching out to others within your prospective field to gain some insight on their experiences. It is through this process that you will be able to recognize and develop any strengths, skill sets and talents you possess. Combining this realization with an understanding of how to market yourself will lead you straight to the road of opportunity and success.

Another common roadblock to building a successful brand may involve the choice between investing in hot, current trends or opting to pursue your own personal goals. In the toss-up between these two very different business approaches – the greater benefit will always fall towards following the call of your own ambitions. Pursuing a career within the niche of a current trend may bring in some good cash while the market is still hot; however there is no way of predicting how long these trendy business ventures will remain popular, or in demand.

Focusing your time and energy into something that holds personal value to you will make the experience a lot more enjoyable. In fact, the more passionate you are about your brand the greater the sense of satisfaction you will experience as these emotions are very powerful in terms of influencing motivation and persistence.

So, when it comes to making career decisions- do the best you can to gravitate towards your own personal interests (and of course, steer clear of your disinterests). Your future self will thank you!

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