It's a process

Are you committed to building your brand? The first step is getting people to listen to you, and that means you must show up – a lot. Many who call themselves content creators aren’t producing enough articles or videos or pieces of content that you need to produce if you are serious about becoming an influencer. Below are some crucial tips to get you started in the right direction.   

Take more than one swing at it
Too many “content creators” think that they only have one at bat—they have to make the one, most beautifully created video or image or rant on Facebook. Yet, it is often that hunger to make the perfect piece of content that is crippling them. It’s true that if you want to be seen or heard on social media, you must put out valuable content on a regular basis. You should be posting on Instagram and/or IG stories at least 6-7 times a day.

Document. Don’t create.
Now you’re probably thinking: “Whoa, that’s a lot. How do I create 6-7 meaningful things a day?”

I’ll give you the biggest tip when it comes to content creation and that’s document, don’t create.

In very simple terms, “documenting” versus “creating” is what The Real World and the Kardashians are to Star Wars and Friends. And don’t get confused—just because you’re “documenting” doesn’t mean you’re not creating content. Instead, you are engaging in a version of creating that is predicated more on practicality instead of having to think of stories or fantasy—something that’s very hard for most people (including myself). Think about it: you can ponder about the strategy behind every post and fabricate yourself into this “influential person,” or you can just be yourself, and work on building your brand.

Be you, and enjoy the journey
Creating an influential persona might seem especially hard if you’re on the lower rung of the ladder climb. And I get it—for some of you there’s a lot of pressure in that. You think that some 30- or 40- or 50-year-old is going to listen to your rant video with cynicism and ask himself, “What does this kid know?” But, one of the biggest mistakes people make when creating content for their personal brand is trying to oversell themselves because they think that’s what gets people’s attention.

Whether you’re a business coach or motivational speaker or artist, it’s much more fruitful to talk about your process than about the actual advice you “think” you should be giving. Documenting your journey versus creating an image of yourself is the difference between saying “You should…” versus “my intuition says…”. Get it? It changes everything. I believe that the people who are willing to discuss their journeys instead of trying to front themselves as the “next big thing” are going to win.

Put yourself out there…today
If you’re struggling to get started, my advice is to just do it. Coming up with 6-7 meaningful pieces of content a day can be as simple as picking up your smartphone, opening Facebook Live, and starting to talk about the things most important to you. In the end, the creative, or how “beautiful” someone thinks your content is, is going to be subjective. What’s not subjective is the fact that you need to put yourself out there and keep swinging.

Starting is the most important part and the biggest hurdle that most people are facing. They’re pondering and strategizing instead of doing. They’re debating what’s going to happen when they haven’t even looked at what’s in front of them. Do me a favor, stop delaying, and start documenting.

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